Fast and the furious

McLaren showcases it latest 720S model in Melbourne.

Photography by McLaren

15 June 2017


McLaren Automotive has offered Australian guests an exclusive look at the 720S, the latest model of its Super Series range.  This carbon fibre creation is lighter, faster and even more dynamically capable than its McLaren 650S predecessor; with unparalleled levels of interior space and sophistication.

Following its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the McLaren 720S pushes the limits for the possibilities of a super car by incorporating the widest breadth of dynamic capability of any McLaren. The visual drama, state-of-the-art technologies, and aerodynamic purity signify an innovative change in McLaren’s design language.

According to George Biggs, Managing Director, McLaren AutomotiveAsia Pacific: “We are thrilled to officially unveil the highly-anticipated 720S, here in Australia. Australia is a key market for McLaren and the response to the new 720Shas been phenomenal and mirrored the response around the globe. True to McLaren’s pioneering spirit, the McLaren 720S is a revolutionary leap forward, a high-performance supercar that is both thrilling to drive and striking to look at. ”

The reveal closely follows a 142.9 per cent year-on-year growth in the Australian market, demonstrating the strong demand for the British brand. According to VFACTS data released in May this year McLaren is cementing itself as the fastest growing luxury supercar brand within Australia.


One year after the announcement of the Track22 Business Plan, the 720S is the first reveal of fifteen new variants as part of the six year plan, in which McLaren Automotive is significantly investing in further development of the world’s best drivers’ cars, redefining two-seater sports supercars and introducing hybrid technology to at least 50 per cent of new McLaren models by 2022.

“The new McLaren 720S is testament to McLaren Automotive’s dedication to providing its clients with the most cutting edge technology and world-class products. We’re excited to offer Australian customers and enthusiasts the opportunity to view our latest addition to the McLaren family in Australia. We are seeing significant interest in our marque locally, with clients and fans alike impressed with the combination of technology and beauty in perfect harmony.”

As McLaren’s first-ever replacement of a product family, the McLaren 720S renews the Super Series range at the core of the McLaren brand and sets new benchmarks for supercar excellence. Flanked by the Sport Series, 540C, 570S and 570GT, and Ultimate Series, P1 and P1 GTR, the Super Series consists of the 650S, 675LT and 720S.

The innovation of the 720S provides an insight into the future of McLaren’s world-class supercars, with further expansion in the Sports Series and Ultimate Series families still to be revealed in the coming years.


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