Extended Evo

The new Evo R4XT from Italian shipyard Evo Yachts offers a beach area that, once extended, adds an additional metre in length to the boat.

12 October 2022


Evo R4XT is the perfect example of how, starting from a shipyard’s historic model and modifying it, one can create a walkaround that is unique, offering its guests a new interpretation of how to experience the sea.

A sporty and gritty 13-metre, Evo R4XT is highly customisable in both layout and decor.

Created as a reinterpretation of the successful Evo R4, the first Evo Yachts’ iconic model from which it takes the clean, racy lines, the new addition in the R line is characterised by innovative technological solutions exclusively designed by Valerio Rivellini and made to measure by Besenzoni.

The heart of this revolution is the beach area, where a fully customised multifunctional stern platform offers new possibilities for exploiting the boat, to which it gives – when extended – an additional metre in length.

This tender lift transformer – never seen before on a 40-foot boat – was developed by Besenzoni exclusively for the shipyard, based on a design by Valerio Rivellini.


Its excellent mechanical characteristics and movements allow the platform to dip fully underwater by about 80 centimetres, facilitating entry and ascent from the sea from any point on the stern, as well as extending completely to allow descent, even on high piers.

Its exceptional width allows it to be used as a ladder for disembarking even if a tender or jetski are on the platform, without having to remove them.

Right at the centre of the beach area, there’s the large island sun bed, followed by a multifunctional sliding dining table, which change from a table to a bar counter.

The beach area and cockpit are designed so that they can be easily transformed to meet the different needs of guests according to the time of day: from a wide sun lounge to a dining area. The original driver’s seat also bears Besenzoni’s signature.

Below deck, the interiors welcome guests with comfortable spaces, characterised by the transformability typical of Evo Yachts models.

The bow area can go from being a large dinette to a cosy sleeping area, adding an additional double bed to the one in the separate cabin. The interiors can be customised in layout, design and accessories at the owner’s request.

The wide range of choices presented to owners, together with the ability of the team of designers and planners to satisfy every request, reflects Blu Emme Yachts’ will to be recognised in the industry for its production of semi-custom models, rather than a mass production.

Two Volvo Penta IPS 650 engines with 535 hp each push the vessel to a top speed of 34 knots and a range of approximately 300 nautical miles.



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