Explorer’s Paradise

The Maldives has announced an ease in lockdown restrictions

03 August 2020


“International airports will open in phases from 1st July 2020 for flights and tourist/ yacht arrivals. Per the current plan the first phase allows for the arrival of private jets and visiting tourists and yachts from June 1, 2020,” reports Mohamed Hameed, director of Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives:

“There are health guidelines to follow until a vaccine is available and it is important to note these releases may change at any time, depending on the situation and the virus spread in the community”.

The Maldives lies SW of Sri Lanka and India and 620 miles from the Asian continent.

Already a convenient stop-over for yachts bound for either the Red Sea or en route via the Cape of Good Hope, fees to enter the Maldives were substantially reduced as of April 2020. This has helped make the Maldives an even more viable stopover for yachts crossing the Indian Ocean.


“Foreign yachts in the Maldives are legally allowed cruise and charter in the Maldives after obtaining required permits and licenses”

Hameed adds, noting the following among guidelines for visiting foreign yachts:

  • Foreign yachts are allowed a 180 day stay in the Maldives and if the yacht holds an IMO, an additional 90 days.
  • The crew of the yacht is allowed 90 days per entry maximum stay. After arrival from another country and going through immigration formalities, the yacht can return and be awarded the same period again.
  • There are additional formalities required each time for arrival into the Maldives that the agency will advise once all is confirmed and the captain is in contact with APS Maldives.


Opening in 2020, the world-class lifestyle leisure and entertainment destination Crossroads Maldives, will welcome yachting visitors at the backend of Covid-19.

“The new Yacht Marina at this unique attraction offers an impressive 30 berth quay, complete with world-class facilities and exclusive concierge services, the ideal haven to weigh anchor”

added Hameed from the APS head office in Malé. “Our team provides excellent care and services needed by superyachts and expected by captains. Catering for vessels from 10 to 60 metres, this is the ultimate explorer’s paradise and a true waterfront township”.



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