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Arksen’s first explorer vessel, the Arksen 85 Project Ocean, has gone into production on the Isle of Wight in the UK.

28 October 2020


British boatbuilders Arksen has announced the construction of the 85 model, the flagship of the Arksen Explorer Series, with larger models in the pipeline.

Project Ocean will have four cabins accommodating up to 12 explorers including a full-beam master suite with a multi-purpose cabin. She has an efficient cruising speed of 9–11 knots, a top speed of 14 knots and a maximum range of up to 7,000 nautical miles. Project Ocean has a full hybrid propulsion package and energy management system supplied by Praxis Automation Technology.

Solar capacity onboard offers up to 7kW of zero-carbon electrical power. Onboard heating and ventilation systems use thermal reclaim for improved efficiency.

The Arksen 85 features naval architecture and exterior design by Humphreys Yacht Design, working closely with Chartwell Marine who provided a complete structural engineering service for a serious long-range explorer vessel.

The first 85 started build earlier this month at Isle of Wight based Wight Shipyard Company.


“Wight Shipyard Co has built a reputation for light-weight fuel-efficient vessels to reduce both costs for our customers and lower their carbon footprint.” commented COO, Jo Daly.

“We have been working alongside Arksen to develop a vessel built to the highest of standards that will become a model for the future.”

Circular economy principles have been adopted throughout; from designing out waste and keeping materials in use to minimising carbon footprint and resource efficiency.

Tom Humphreys, Co-Director of Humphreys Yacht Design commented, “Arksen’s dedication to researching and understanding our impact on the environment will be invaluable in helping to re-shape the development of leisure-vessel production in the motor yacht sector.”

“The efficient design, sustainable technologies and long-range capabilities of the Arksen fleet are more important than ever today. We think it’s very exciting, the right product at the right time.”

The Arksen 85’s hull and superstructure are built in aluminium, supplied by Norway-based company Hydro, which contains recycled material and can again be recycled at the end of the vessel’s life. The hull design is highly efficient, leading to reduced fuel consumption which equates to lower running costs and lower emissions.

The interior is created by Design Unlimited and will use a wide range of sustainable materials including many from recycled sources. Even the soft furnishings include fabrics created using recycled plastic bottles.

Mark Tucker, Creative Director of Design Unlimited said, “we have created an interior that is dynamic, functional, attractive and sustainable in both the materials used and in its on-going functionality and versatility of use.”

The team are expecting an 18-month build schedule, with sea trials planned for spring 2022.

Arksen was founded by Technology Entrepreneur, Jasper Smith, “We have been working closely with all our partners to design and build a vessel to be the best in class in efficiency and fuel economy and have gained a comprehensive understanding on the procurement process and supply chain for all the components that we will use throughout.”

“To have the first Arksen 85 vessel in production is a big milestone in our journey and we look forward to having our first boat on the water in the near future.”



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