eOPEN era

Zodiac, the largest manufacturer of RIBs has teamed up with Torqeedo, the global leader in electric boat motors in the eOPEN range of electric boats.

22 December 2022


Zodiac’s first complete range with 100 percent-electric engines after its eJET launched in 2017, the eOPEN range marks a new era for Torqeedo and Zodiac.

In 2020, Zodiac Nautic won the inaugural Gustave Trouvé Awards for Excellence in Electric Boats (Under 8m category) for the eJET 450, designed specifically as a tender for large motor yachts.

Building on that success and replacing the eJET, the eOPEN line demonstrates Zodiac’s commitment to electric propulsion and its aim to extend its application to a wider market.

“We have designed this range for today’s and tomorrow’s consumers,” said Fanny Revert, Zodiac Head of Marketing.

“These new, 100 percent-electric models meet the new needs of customers: no maintenance, no noise, no servicing, less pollution, simple and responsive driving, and an affordable price.


“Electric mobility is gaining ground, and as the market leader in RIBs, we couldn’t afford to miss out.”

Dr Michael Rummel, managing director of Torqeedo GmbH, said “We were thrilled to partner with Zodiac on their eOPEN line of electric RIBs. It’s an iconic and innovative company that has a finger on the pulse of what customers want and when.”

The eOPEN range comes in two sizes: the 3.1-metre and the 3.4-metre that will come with the appropriately sized complete Torqeedo drive system including motor, batteries and charger.

According to its designers, electric doesn’t mean limited performance. Equipped with Torqeedo Cruise 6 electric motors equivalent to 12hp, the eOPEN can reach a maximum speed of 13 knots with a range of 50 minutes. At a speed of 5 knots, range is around 10 hours.

Both models are rated for a maximum of four passengers. Features include bench seat with tilting backrest, bow seat, side seat on console, storage lockers, cushions and options such as bimini, rear ladder, lift kit, sound system and choice of grey or black EVA deck.



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