Enter the matrix

New Silent-Yachts solar electric catamaran comes with Volkswagen's electric drive matrix.

30 November 2020


Silent-Yachts will develop a solar electric catamaran which is powered by Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix MEB. The vessel will be designed by the Barcelona’s progressive car brand CUPRA. The solar electric catamaran will be designed to be environmentally friendly.

“I’m happy to cooperate with our partners on this exciting new project,” said Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of Silent-Yachts. “Volkswagen Group is one of the most advanced players on the electric cars market and I am sure together we can make something really special on the water.”

While CUPRA is characterised by its contemporary and sporty design, Volkswagen offers the state-of-the-art modular electric drive matrix (MEB) contributing to e-mobility and reduced emissions; while Silent-Yachts brings over fifteen years of experience in alternative power sources for yachts.

Volkswagen opened up its MEB for third parties. The innovative approach of the maritime project offers furthers possibilities to tap into new areas of cooperation.


The new solar electric catamaran will offer noiseless navigation and extended cruising range with alternative propulsion systems.

Silent-Yachts’ solar electric power system developed will feed the electric propulsion of the vessel and all its household energy needs.

Silent-Yachts said the catamaran will grant “more comfort, independence, reliability and safety,” promising less maintenance and costs than any conventional fuel-depending propulsion and energy-supply.



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