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Princess Yachts NSW is celebrating two years under new management, with new boat sales and major growth.

27 September 2021


Owning a Princess is an extension of yourself. A statement of your lifestyle. She needs to deliver unforgettable experiences for you, your family and friends. Every Princess yacht is designed with a forward-thinking mentality and crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

So, whether you’re dashing across the water or moored in your favourite bay, you will recognise the difference our design and details make, inside and out.

Whatever it means to you, your Princess yacht will let you leave the world behind. And take your world with you.

Are you feeling an irresistible invitation to relax, entertain and spend time with loved ones. And, when the need takes you, to power across the open sea. When you own a Princess, these pleasures are at your fingertips.

The latest client is Melbourne-based technology entrepreneur, Paul Cross who has just completed an extensive trip north in is Princess MY 82 “SEA WOLF” purchased through Princess Yachts NSW.


As Paul explains, “Boating has always been a passion of mine, however after buying SEA WOLF and joining the Princess family, it has taken my desire for exploration to new heights.

“Princess Yachts build a fantastic product; SEA WOLF is capable of extended cruising at 10 knots and I can push her to 30 knots if required.

“This flexibility is important to me, as is the ability to travel in luxury. We are now looking at exploring the Pacific Islands and extending our boating to new heights.”

Our Craft

On the water, Princess Yachts are instantly recognisable for their graceful lines and timeless elegance. With a muscular deep-V hull Princess Yachts represent an undeniable presence which is instantly recognisable around the world.

Every Princess is designed with a forward-thinking mentality and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. When buying a Princess from us, you can have confidence in the brand and the team who will ensure only the very best.

Princess Yachts NSW

Celebrating its two-year anniversary under the direction of Sean O’Doherty and David Jensen, Princess Yachts NSW has just commemorated with the sale of a new build Princess Y78 and Princess Y72.

This completes a very successful year for Princess Yachts NSW with six new builds in production that will arrive in Sydney over the next 24 months.

“We are thrilled with the success to date, working closely with our clients through the build process to help facilitate their dream boat is the ultimate success,” says David Jensen.

“We attribute this success to the extraordinary boats Princess are building, coupled with the strong demand for a luxury outlet, where families can escape and spend more time together.

“Our owners are looking to extend their boating experiences beyond Sydney and explore the East Coast of Australia with some looking to extend onto the Pacific Islands. They are looking for luxury, combined with performance and strong local support, all of which we are facilitating successfully.”

The growth follows the repositioning of Princess Yachts Australia under the distribution of Greg Haines and family. The brand has a long history of success in Australia and the momentum can only increase.

Get in touch

Princess Yachts NSW is the exclusive authorised dealer for NSW. With our head office located in Double Bay, our team have seasoned experience and extensive reach, offering clients an exceptional sales experience supported by a comprehensive after-sales and vessel management service.



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