Drive innovation

Silent-Yachts has launched two solar electric Silent 62 catamarans with new ultra-efficient drivetrain.

20 December 2023


Austrian shipyard, Silent Yachts has launched two hulls of the new solar electric catamaran model, the Silent 62, which features its brand-new drivetrain.

“It’s our most efficient, silent, and high-tech drivetrain to date – resulting in more range and higher top speeds,” said Founder and CEO Michael Köhler.

This state-of-the-art drivetrain is based on automotive standards while offering owners and guests the ability to travel the world faster when desired. Set to be offered for all Silent models, this next-generation drivetrain utilises an upgraded battery featuring higher energy density and greater capacity.

Now, the yachts benefit from even faster charging rates, thanks to optimised thermal management for the cells. Some other key features of the new water-cooled battery include an extended lifespan with over 3,500 recharge cycles. The batteries are certified by DNV-GL and Lloyd’s Register.

A watertight IP65 rating, along with a self-contained monitoring and extinguishing system, ensures the highest levels of safety on board.


With an efficiency rating of around 96 percent, the new electric motors offer the highest efficiency throughout the operational range currently available on the market.

This is achieved by leveraging the latest Synchronous Reluctance assisted Permanent Magnet (SRPM) technology. The motors’ extremely compact and robust structure is protected by an IP65 enclosure to maximise reliability.

The new drivetrain also features full carbon propellers shaped like submarine propellers. This innovative design eliminates vibrations and noise, providing unprecedented efficiency and silent cruising on the water.

“The carbon propellers ensure the ultimate on-water relaxation for owners and guests while boosting the efficiency rating to a level which is unprecedented for yachts,” explained Michael Köhler.


Meeting-rooms version

One of the two newly launched Silent 62 catamarans features a special layout. “The owner plans to use it also for business events on board.

‘Based on the layout of the front master version, the owner decided to redesign it to match his specific needs.

It’s the first Silent catamaran to feature the possibility of several meeting rooms,” commented Michael Köhler.

For this reason, the master cabin in the front of the main deck of that Silent 62 has been converted into a fully equipped meeting room. Instead of a conventional double bed, there is a large table in the centre surrounded by seating for up to 10 people. The starboard side of the room still features an ensuite.

Toward the end of the day, the meeting table can be lowered and covered with a mattress, which converts it back to a large bed. One cabin located in the starboard hull has been converted to a second smaller meeting room as well. Here up to six people can collaborate on their projects. The third and largest meeting room is located in the saloon.

Another highlight of the yacht is the custom audio system from Martin Audio. In total, it’s equipped with 32 speakers. Five of them are on the flybridge. The outside area of the main deck is fitted with 17 speakers, and an additional seven are in the saloon. The remaining speakers are in the meeting rooms.

Furthermore, this yacht has an enlarged hydraulic stern platform which offers enough space for two electric jet skis that can be directly connected to the yacht and recharged easily. The yacht is available for charter and will be berthed in Florida.


Front-exit version

Another Silent 62 with the popular 4+1 front exit configuration (4 guest cabins + 1 crew cabin) has recently been launched as well.



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