Double dare

The world’s most southerly superyacht regatta has thrown down a challenge, opening up the racing to multihulls 18 metres and over.

06 October 2022


The New Zealand Millennium Cup is challenging multihulls to a race.

With a reputation for fun, competitive racing, organisers have opened up the playing field to multihulls 18 metres and over, allowing them to join this bucket-list race in New Zealand’s subtropical Bay of Islands.

“With courses that make the most of the 144 islets of the Bay, spread over this wide-ranging aquatic playground, we can’t wait to see more multihulls out there making it their own,” said organiser, Stacey Cook.

The Millennium Cup is formed of three classes: the New Zealand Millennium Cup Class, Corinthian Class and Multihull Class.

“We are excited to accept multihulls 18 metres and above to the multihull class – bring on the racing,” said Cook.


The 260 square kilometres of the Bay of Islands provides the perfect platform for multihulls to show their speed, with race officials designing multihull courses within the beautiful scenery and wildlife of Northland.

Racing takes place from 13 to 16 February 2023, and the 18- to 23.9-metre multihull division will be awarded its own prizes during evening events at race headquarters, the Duke of Marlborough.

One multihull division winner will be going home with the title of inaugural multihull champion of the New Zealand Millennium Cup when the final prize giving wraps up on 16 February.



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