Dive milestone

U-Boat Worx toasts 1,000 Antarctic submarine dives in a season for one of its hardest working commercial crafts.

Photography by Boris van Kemenade

12 April 2023


U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub 7 submarines have completed more than 1,000 Antarctic submarine dives in a single season, thereby granting thousands of guests an unparalleled underwater view into one of the world’s most remote and pristine destinations.

The Cruise Subs were aboard cruise ships operated by different owners. Scenic’s submarine was first introduced on the Scenic Eclipse back in 2020.

Viking Expedition cruises followed soon after with their Viking Octantis; and not much later, Seabourn Venture embarked upon her maiden voyage. The three cruise lines together have completed more than 1,000 dives, taking guests on immersive underwater journeys to explore the mesmerising marine life and spectacular natural wonders of Antarctica.

Scenic, Seabourn, and Viking’s submarines are U-Boat Worx’ Cruise Sub 7 model – state-of-the-art submersibles that can dive to 300 metres (1,000 feet) below the surface. The Cruise Sub 7 is built for optimal comfort and safety.


It has large acrylic windows that provide 360-degree views of the underwater world, and seats specially designed to maximise legroom and headroom for guests.

Being battery-powered, the sub emits no pollutants, making it an environmentally friendly way for passengers to explore the depths of the Southern Ocean. Each sub is equipped with powerful external lights to illuminate the sea floor. With only a small number of guests per dive, the experience is intimate, exclusive, and unforgettable.

Every dive into the cold Antarctic waters provides an opportunity for new discoveries. Recently, a giant phantom jellyfish was spotted three times from Viking Octantis’s yellow submarines.

According to National Geographic, since first being described in 1910 there have only been around 126 confirmed encounters with the rare giant phantom jellyfish known as scyphozoan Stygiomedusa gigantea.

With discoveries like this, it’s not hard to imagine what thrilling possibilities might lie ahead. It’s clear why an increasing number of cruise ships are now featuring these submersibles on board as part of their offering.

The triumphant achievement of 1,000-plus successful submarine dives in a single Antarctic season is a testament to the outstanding performance and durability of U-Boat Worx submarines.



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