Deep down

Triton Submarines reveals submersible that can take passengers to the bottom of the deepest ocean.

18 October 2018


The Triton 36000/2 is designed to make repeated visits to the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench, meaning the sub will have access to a place only three people have ever journeyed in history.

The sub will reach the 10,898-metre bottom of Challenger Deep – the deepest point in the ocean, at almost 11 kilometres – in less than two and a half hours.  Weighing just 11.2 tons, the submersible is far lighter than previous deep-diving vehicles, an important consideration during launch and recovery.  An array of 10 electric thrusters provides motion in all directions.  Energy is supplied by a set of cutting-edge full ocean depth certified Li-Fe-P batteries supplying 65 KWh, co-developed specifically for the task by Triton.

Incorporating the world’s deepest diving independently certified submersible, the Triton 36000/2, and its support vessel, DSSV Pressure Drop, ‘The Hadal Exploration System’ are currently on a round-the-world journey to dive to the deepest point in each of the world’s five oceans, as well as select historical wrecks. This mission, called ‘The Five Deeps Expedition,’ will be the ultimate validation of the 36000/2 submersible, proving its capability, reliability and safety.


The Triton 36000/2 Hadal Exploration System is available for acquisition by a private individual, governmental organisation, research institute or philanthropic foundation for US$48.2 million.

The Triton 36000/2’s pressure hull required development of new advanced forging techniques to ensure the perfect circularity necessary for structural performance and an entirely weld-free construction.

Measuring 90mm thick, the pressure hull was tested to withstand a depth 20 percent greater than full ocean depth at the Krylov State Research Center in St. Petersburg, Russia. Where previous Full Ocean Depth (FOD) submersibles featured a single viewport, the Triton 36000/2’s triple wide-angle installation sets new standards for observation of the earth’s most remote environments.

The interior configuration of the Triton 36000/2 is unlike any previous full ocean depth submersible. The ergonomically designed leather seats provide two occupants the comfort and durability required on 12-hour dive missions.

“I had the privilege of working with an exceptional group of creative, dedicated and resourceful people on the development of the Triton 36000/2,” said Patrick Lahey, Co-Founder and President of Triton.

“We worked for over three years to develop the design and required technology. The submersible, together with the unique and specially equipped support vessel DSSV Pressure Drop, promise to change our relationship with the deep ocean in a profound and fundamental way. The Hadal Exploration System provides the opportunity to truly explore and intimately study the most remote and least understood areas of our oceans, for the first time in history.”



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