Dart underwater

Jetboard Australia will host the Australian premiere of the Aquadart Nano Underwater Sea Scooter at the 2023 Sydney International Boat Show.

01 August 2023


The new AquaDart Nano will debut at the Sydney International Boat Show, from 3 to 6 August at Darling Harbour and the ICC.

The Winner of the World’s Best Luxury Water Toy, the AquaDart Nano is just 22 kilograms, yet powerful, with a maximum speed of 16 kilometres per hour and able to dive to 40 metres with an operating time of up to two hours.

It has an unmatched power-to-weight ratio of 28.18 newtons of thrust per kilogram. In comparison, the most powerful competitors’ model has a power-to-weight ratio of 21.28 newtons of thrust per kilogram, and weighs 60 percent more at 35 kilograms.

DualJet™ technology has also enabled the scooter’s overall size and volume to be reduced by over 30 percent, while losing none of the features that iAQUA Sea Scooters are renowned for.

The AquaDart Nano can be easily launched from the beach single-handedly and takes up less space on a RIB or yacht garage.


Sea scooters are water-propelled devices that allow divers to move faster and more efficiently underwater – they’re great for recreational diving, technical diving, and snorkelling in lakes, swimming pools, and even the open ocean.

The Nano series is perfect as a lightweight scuba diving and touring sea scooter, and is capable of many hours of use before recharging.



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