Cyber Skull

The Cyber Skull marks a break with style, renewing the iconic series.

22 December 2020


From the Vikings of the first millennium to the paratroopers of the Second World War, including the pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries, the Skull has always been a very prominent warlike symbol.

Approaching its tenth anniversary, the iconic Bell & Ross Skull family welcomes a new addition with several faces, it is where watchmaking, design, symbolism and bold creativity meet.

Like a stealth plane, the Cyber Skull maintains a strong link with aeronautics.

Its angular design, as well as matte colours, are reminiscent of military stealth bombers. To escape the radar but attract attention.

The modern lines echo contemporary art and in particular a certain avant-garde trend.

The many facets of the BR01 Cyber Skull offer a fascinating play on the multiplication of perspectives, between flat and smooth surfaces, creating a pixilation effect.



Futuristic origami? The BR 01 Cyber Skull produces a multifaceted approach.

Behind its provocative, symbolic and artistic face, the BR 01 Cyber Skull hides the secrets of an automaton watch belonging to the world of Haute Horlogerie

The angular shapes of the Cyber Skull break tradition with neo-vintage trend Skull watches often belong to. Its geometric lines are part of the same futuristic universe as those of cars or art.

Dreamt up like futuristic architecture, the Cyber Skull case is inspired by the original BR 01 but its contours have been revised with sharp edges that give it an ultra-contemporary look. The Cyber Skull also plays with light and transparency



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