Cross-over concept

Bill Dixon has released first impressions of SY Juno, a 350-foot cross-over concept that harmonises the best of motor yacht and sailing yacht design.

24 October 2022


SY Juno, from Bill Dixon Design, is hailed as totally unique, with elegant poise and generous accommodation for her owner and guests to enjoy.

With a waterline length of over 100-metres, she will boast a hull speed of 23 knots under canvas alone.

Falcon Rigs have been chosen to maximise the sailing opportunity and minimise the sailing effort.  Unlike a conventional rig which requires a small army of crew, this vessel can be commanded and operated singlehandedly.

The triple rigs offer a healthy sail area to displacement ratio and will assure an exhilarating sailing experience. The tried and tested control systems have proven in-service reliability.

Juno will be constructed to the Passenger Yacht Code and will offer accommodation on four decks with an intimate deck reserved for the owner.

Her expansive interior space planning will not disappoint; a full-width owner’s cabin suite, eight guest cabins, a beach club, cinema, a sauna/gym plus large lounges/flexible spaces on three decks.


The saloon on the main deck leads aft to a beach bar and 8-metre swimming pool.

The open transom and expanding bathing platform lead forward and below decks to a beach club area with opening side shell doors.

An embarkation tender platform with direct access into the main deck lobby has been accommodated amidships. Guests can choose between a 10-metre limousine and a 10-metre sports tender.

The vessel boasts impressive technological systems; an advanced hybrid propulsion system that optimises the energy usage onboard and an energy recovery system that uses the propulsion propellers to generate electricity while the vessel is sailing.

Her designer stated, “This is a future-proof statement yacht, for a customer who is not afraid to do something different. It defies sailing convention but not the sailing experience.”



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