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ECOP AFRICA network has won the 2024 Ocean Tribute Award for marine conservation at boot Düsseldorf.

24 January 2024


The 2024 winner of the Ocean Tribute Award, presented at boot Düsseldorf, is the ECOP AFRICA network, with a vision of nature-based carbon sequestration and sustainable aquaculture in Africa. Peter Teye Busumprah from Ghana accepted the award on behalf of the initiative.

ECOP AFRICA works for a healthy ocean, for example by repairing and restoring marine ecosystems. ECOP members from different African countries are developing strategies to prevent illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

This includes real-time monitoring and sustainable aquaculture strategies. ECOP AFRICA also uses indigenous knowledge about the oceans and applies it to climate change mitigation. In addition, the members are developing communication programs on the sea to fight poverty in the countries.

Frank Schweikert, Chairman of the German Ocean Foundation, announced the result of the jury and the public vote: “Congratulations to ECOP AFRICA and its wonderful commitment to marine conservation.”


Petros Michelidakis, Director of boot, added, “Our oceans also play an important role in the climate balance, and we hope that the Ocean Tribute Award will attract more supporters to this important cause.

“We have taken the United Nations sustainability guidelines as our guiding principle: to conserve the oceans, seas and marine resources in the interests of sustainable development, or to restore what has been destroyed.”

With the initiation of the Ocean Tribute Award, boot Düsseldorf, the Monegasque Prince Albert II Foundation and the German Ocean Foundation have set themselves a clear goal: to support people, projects or initiatives in their efforts to protect the oceans.

Since 2018, the €20,000 prize has been awarded annually as part of the Blue Motion Night.



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