Comfort first

Philippe Briand has unveiled a design for a new 60-metre ketch concept dubbed KAZE, which places interior volume and comfort above all.

16 March 2023


Comfort under sail and huge volumes below deck are the mainstays of the latest Philippe Briand design, which aims to deliver a fabulous quality of life aboard.

Renderings show the sleek, balanced lines and low-profile coachroof of a thoroughly modern-looking yacht.

Briand firmly believes that a designer has to be focused on the lifestyle component, especially on a big 60-metre sailing boat, by sharing the sail area between two masts – but also be capable of passing beneath the Bridge of the Americas on the Panama Canal.

“There are so many good reasons to choose ketch rig over that of a towering sloop,” said Briand. “While we can design and engineer large sloops to cope with the massive rig loads, they still make unwieldy and intimidating boats to sail.

“Where’s the pleasure, the joy, the accessibility? If you want a yacht to be comfortable for living and sailing, it makes sense to start from a ketch design, for a 499 gt.”


Briand has observed two main principles in this latest design; the most important is to create the volume for majestically proportioned living spaces, allowing an owner to indulge in all the activities they might desire of a private residence ashore.

With its volume of 499 gross tonnage, KAZE will provide amply for an incredible lifestyle.

“The wider aft beam of the hull not only provides stability but also allows an exceptional size for the beach club. In fact, it is comparable to many motor yachts, providing a truly luxurious experience on board,” added Briand.

“The bulwarks aft drop down to form wide terraces, while a huge platform hidden in the transom extends down to the waterline. Steps integrated into the platform’s hydraulic mechanism help to transform these extra spaces into a rich playground at the water’s edge.”

Efficient hull design has been the other key focus. A yacht whose slender hull form enables her to sail well in even light winds will rarely need to motor, greatly reducing the noise and smell of running the engine.

Under sail, KAZE will also be able to generate its own renewable electricity by allowing the water moving past the hull to rotate the propeller.

This silently turns an alternator installed in line with the prop shaft and is capable of pumping out dozens of kilowatts day and night. In fact, the boat should be self-sufficient in energy terms under sail. Large battery banks could store excess power during the day to allow the silent operation of hotel systems at anchor.

“My yacht design philosophy combines innovative engineering, sleek lines, minimalism, and performance-oriented luxury.

“KAZE will feature the latest in navigation and automation technologies as well as high-end finishes for optimal comfort on board – it is this combination of modern tech and timeless principles that make a boat beautiful, practical and easy to handle.”

KAZE has already got well beyond the concept stage, with technical input from a range of key experts.

Southern Spars has advised on the specifications for the three rig options, which range from classic to high performance. Francesca Muzio of FM architettura has designed a timeless interior that perfectly fits Briand’s external lines. And there is interest from some of the world’s most prestigious shipyards as build partners.



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