Come to fruition

Evo Yachts and Valerio Rivellini continue their partnership with the innovative Velar 78.

11 June 2020


In December 2019, Designer Valerio Rivellini launched a new concept for an innovative 70-foot motor yacht that incorporates the strengths of a sailboat.

This concept has now been transformed into a working project between the designer and Evo Yachts, the Blue Emme Yachts brand.

In partnership, they developed Rivellini’s Velar 70 concept and transformed it into the Velar 78, with content and dimensions that make it a better fit for the shipyard’s development plans.

“After the success of our R4 and R6 models, we had for some time been looking at extending the range and adding a new series of yachts that lived up to our reputation for innovation,” said the Mercuri brothers, owners of Blu Emme Yachts.

“When we saw the Velar concept by Valerio Rivellini, our go-to designer for many years, we realised it was exactly what we were looking for. Velar is original, intelligent and cross-market, but it is also a boat that can be built using consolidated processes. We immediately reached an understanding with Valerio and the result is the Velar 78, the first model in a new series.”


Velar 78 is a 24-metre motor yacht with a refined, minimalist design created for a leisurely and relaxed lifestyle at sea. It is a yacht that combines the strengths of both motor yachts and sailboats.

Velar 78’s big yacht wheel gives the owner the sensation of captaining a sailboat, while the helm station in the deckhouse offers a protected alternative out of the elements, equipped with a joystick drive that is perfect for complicated manoeuvres or in rough seas and replaces the wheel, like on an aircraft.

The glazed surfaces in the deckhouse are designed to disappear completely out of view, turning the boat into a pure open space with T-top.

It is a boat for owners who want to experience the thrill of travel in a new yet still traditional way, which is mindful of reduced consumption and eco-sustainability.

Evo Yachts and Valerio Rivellini are back at work together after creating high-profile models like the multiple award-winning Evo R4 and Evo R6, or the Evo T2 tender.

With the Velar 78, on which construction work recently began and will be completed in early 2021, Evo Yachts adds a new series, the Velar line, to expand the existing range: the R-Line, with the R4, R4WA and R6 models, and the T-line with the T2 and, coming soon, the T3 model.



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