Colombia calls

Colombia comes of age, attracting tourists with its wildlife, beaches and diversity of culture.

20 October 2022


According to travel experts, Colombia is one of the IT destinations to travel to in 2022.

From snow-capped mountains and pristine beaches to a desert that meets the ocean and national natural Parks both remote and embedded within cosmopolitan cities, Colombia has an incredible diversity of landscapes and culture.

Just last month, the South American country won a number of awards in the prestigious World Travel Awards:

Colombia offers the largest number of birds (1,900 plus), butterflies (more than 3,600), and orchid species in the world (over 4,000). It is the only country in South America with coasts on both the Caribbean and the Pacific oceans.


The country can be divided into six tourist regions: Greater Caribbean, Pacific, Amazon-Orinoco, Eastern and Western Andes and the Colombian Massif.

The country has just launched a visa for digital nomads for up to two years with just a few requirements.

Cost-effective living and breathtaking landscapes that will almost seem like a Zoom virtual background are just the beginning.

Learn more about the different regions and destinations at Colombia’s official travel site.



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