Carbon neutral

Pelorus expedition group has announced their aim to be carbon-neutral business, partnering with World Land Trust.

25 February 2020


Pelorus has partnered with the World Land Trust (WLT), a conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats.

“Sustainability and the protection of the environment are foundational principles of Pelorus and this is the latest in a series of actions that we have taken to promote and preserve our planet,” commented Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Founder of Pelorus.

Their partnership with World Land Trust gives the company the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of the business in support of crucial land and ecosystem restoration projects. From 2020, funds will be raised through obligatory client contributions from every Pelorus trip undertaken.

This is calculated by WLT’s carbon calculator, which factors in all flights, land and sea transfers, accommodation emissions and marine fuel consumption.


In addition to client contributions, Pelorus will provide top up donations from the revenue of each trip to further enhance the positive effects of our client’s experiences.

“While we recognise that carbon-offsetting will not end climate change, it is a measure we take to reduce our impact on the environment and enable our clients to travel more responsibly.

Our aim is to be a powerful driver for change, encouraging and facilitating high-end low impact travel with purpose,” continued Mackay-Lewis.

“Through using our expertise and extensive network, we enable our clients to travel to, and connect with, parts of the world that are truly remarkable, allowing us to powerfully promote the protection of endangered environments and species.”


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