Carbon creations

UAE-based Enata pushes the boundaries of on-water technology with the flying 9.8-metre carbon Foiler.

14 February 2023


The Foiler is just one of a number of exciting projects, product developments, partnerships and opportunities Enata has started the year with.

As builders of the revolutionary flying 9.8-metre carbon Foiler, which brings America’s Cup foiling technology to a 40-knot-capable dayboat/tender, Enata’s Marine division has shown its expertise in pushing boundaries of on-water style, thrills and efficiency.

The Foiler is capable of operating in conventional ‘Archimedean’ mode or, at 12 knots, taking off for ‘Flight’ mode, at which point quad foils lift the hull from the water for a supremely comfortable ride with supercar-like handling.

The Foiler may be advanced in its design and build, but it does not require advanced piloting skills thanks to the clever control system, known as “Wingman”.

The original implementation of Wingman helped reduce the overall weight of the Foiler by 200kg, at the same time turning it into a true ‘smart yacht’.


Enata has now released an updated version which promises even more from this extraordinary craft.

The upgraded Wingman Gen 2 control system is twice as powerful as the original and allows for even more smart functionality, including the ability to monitor and control some aspects of your Foiler through your mobile phone.

Monitoring and analysing data from more than 250 data points on the Foiler, Wingman Gen 2 gives you even more control over aspects such as fuel consumption and enabling preventative maintenance, while an internet connection will unlock diagnostic data sharing with Enata HQ as well as over-the-air system updates that will mean your Foiler is continually improving and benefits from the latest features and optimisations.

The system has been designed not only with new-builds in mind but also as a retrofit option to existing boats, both foiling and non-foiling, and is also used on Enata’s drones.

“The Foiler represents a unique and unparalleled step toward a future of boating, and the evolution of the Wingman control system highlights the technological skill that resides with Enata,” says Alois Vieujot, Director of Enata.

“It opens up new possibilities for new and existing owners alike, and demonstrates our commitment to creating the most advanced and efficient yachting experience, from maintenance to magical moments on the water.”

Enata takes flight

In addition to its Marine division, Enata has developed a considerable international reputation for its Aerospace operation which designs and builds world-title-winning remote control aircraft and advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

That expertise has led to an exciting new partnership with electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) specialist Bellwether Industries for the development of Bellwether’s eVTOL flying car.

Bellwether’s vision is for commuters of the future to take to the skies in private & personal eVTOL aircraft, and it recently previewed its third-generation design, Model Oryx, a sleek eVTOL model that comes in just slightly larger than an SUV car, capable of carrying a pilot and two passengers (with a four-passenger version planned for a future design generation).

With Enata’s vectoring system, Oryx would be able to cruise at 140km/h, which would allow a journey from London’s Heathrow Airport to the Canary Wharf financial district in just eight minutes, compared to a typical journey time by the road of 50 minutes to an hour and a half.

“Enata will apply its considerable experience in UAVs to the project, undertaking the manufacture and joint development of Oryx,” said Alois Vieujot.

Oryx is scheduled to debut in 2023 and will take off for the first time in Dubai.

The Bellwether team, led by Founder and CEO Daniel Chen, has been delving into the connection between humans and vehicles within the realm of intelligent mobility. They aim to bring about a seamless and convenient mode of transportation that enhances people’s daily lives.

“The concept of aviation has been present and developed for hundreds of years, and the design for flying cars has been explored for over a century as well,” says Daniel Chen, Founder and CEO at Bellwether.

“The experience and current technologies in aviation are a critical foundation enabling all the possibilities, and there shall be no fear of innovation. We are very happy to have Enata on board to help manufacture and develop our eVTOL, and the combination of our joint expertise and innovation will help ensure the success of Oryx.”

Enata Motors – a driven endeavour

Enata’s experience with carbon fibre and composite-based design and manufacture will be used for maximum impact through its new division, Enata Motors.

With a focus on parts and panels design and supply across the automotive sector, the new department will produce body kits, body panels, one-off parts and builds, OEM parts, and wheels, all constructed in carbon fibre for the ultimate in performance.

The first product of the new division will be Enata Wheels, a line of one-piece full carbon wheels.

By using carbon, Enata will seek to reduce the unsprung – or rotational – mass of each wheel which in turn will improve several aspects of performance, including faster acceleration, shorter braking distance, improved driver feedback and feel through the steering wheel, better handling, and, crucially, increased range especially in electric cars.

Indeed, with rotational mass having up to four times the effect on performance than regular weight, a saving of 7.5kg in mass per wheel could translate to the equivalent of a 120kg reduction in a vehicle’s weight – a considerable saving that would have considerable bearing on performance.

The early preview of the new line of carbon wheels can be found here.



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