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Bering has laid the keel for a 22.18-metre B72 boat, the second hull of this model.  

08 February 2024


The keel of a B72, a multipurpose three-deck ocean-going compact explorer, has been laid at Bering Yachts’ shipyard in Antalya, Türkiye.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the American owners of the boat, Bering Yachts’ founder Alexei Mikhailov, partners and staff. Engineered to the strict standards of the commercial charter class, this vessel will be a true representation of Bering’s dedication to comfort and capability.

120 metric tons of displacement in a 22.18-metre steel hull gives B72 a lot of flexibility.

“First of all, Bering 72 is home on the water, with no compromise. She is safe, comfortable, and very capable home on the water,” says Alexei Mikhailov.


“I can say this is the most capable boat in her class. By range, by comfort, by safety. You may go to Antarctica, you may go to Arctica, you may go to any remote place in any ocean of this planet. Any location, which is reachable by boat, can be reached by B72.”

Designed more like a commercial ship, this boat will be heavy and safe. Her 3+1 cabin layout will accommodate six guests and two crew. 24,000-litre fuel tanks will assure B72 a range of over 4,000 nautical miles at an 8-knot cruise speed.

The boat’s weight and Seakeeper gyro stabilizer will provide her with a very predictable and grateful motion at sea. Additional insulation will reduce noise and vibration to the superyacht-level quality of the environment.

This boat can fulfill many purposes. From owner-operating explorer to family leisure to a non-stop full charter or even an expedition charter. You can comfortably live aboard while exploring remote destinations, or just chill and have a great time relaxing.

“B72 will give you a true feeling of being safe and will bring pleasure for a long time. There are no limits for this boat. Bering 72 is a global circumnavigator in all weather conditions.”



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