Call of the WiLder

Visionary builder Wider invites boaters to take a walk on their wild side with new 18.6-metre sporty WiLder 60.

28 February 2023


This summer, Wider is set to launch a new project conceived and designed by the in-house Centro Stile Wider, that borrows from visionary and adds provocateur: WiLder, the shipyard’s alter-ego conceived to indulge the wilder side of lovers of superyachts and the sea.

Wider has always prided itself on being a convention challenger. From its visionary cruiser and superyacht designs, industry-leading serial Hybrid Propulsion System and eco-conscious WiderCat offering, since foundation the Italian brand has set out to deliver unparalleled experiences for equally visionary owners.

A sign of Wider’s urge to create and will to conquer new territories, WiLder’s first creation will be a daring 18.6-metre, all-aluminium thrill machine that serves as its own hybrid between chase boat and performance cruiser.

Built in line with superyacht-derived processes and finished with the attention to detail of the finest Italian craftsmanship, the WiLder 60 combines sharp aesthetics with rigorous engineering to offer a fully customisable 40-knot platform for fun, with bespoke build options available according to individual wants and desires.


This tailored superyacht approach elevates the WiLder 60 from a just-one-of-many model to a lust-for-life series of one-offs, each as unique and as special as the individuals who order them.

The design is infused with Wider creativity from stem to stern, with angular styling and signature Wider space. The aluminium hull ensures seaworthiness in all conditions, while the shallow 1.05-metre draft means the fun can be carried all the way to the beach.

“We all have a wild side, and the WiLder 60 is the wild side of Wider,” says Marcello Maggi, at the helm of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that owns 100 percent of Wider equity.

“The WiLder 60 is more than just a boat – it’s a bespoke statement of intent for secret escapes or wild weekends, a celebration of life and a conduit for fun. Tailor-made and turned with artisanal excellence, it embodies the exceptional nature of superyachting and offers exceptional experiences for its owners.

“It represents another ground-breaking step forward by Wider, which from its foundation has always sought to challenge the status quo with sometimes radical but always forward-thinking designs and solutions.”

The arrival of the WiLder 60 marks not just a product in itself, but the launch of a new and independent brand within the Wider family with its own philosophy, its own identity and its own sense of how life on the water can be enjoyed.

The first WiLder 60 is currently in build and is scheduled for launch in the summer of 2023.



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