Brilliant Bluegame

Bluegame displayed numerous boats across their range at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival, including the highly anticipated America’s Cup challenger.

08 September 2022


At the boat show that opens the new yachting season, the Cannes Yachting Festival, Bluegame presented its production of unconventional vessels which escape any categorisation, the result of a game-changing vision.

On the quays of Vieux Port from 6 to 11 September, attendees of the Cannes Yachting Festival admired examples of the BG range, the origin of Bluegame’s journey, and the more recent BGX range, in which the addition of the X fully expresses the brand’s crossover soul.

On display this year was the BG42 Big Game, a fisherman’s version of the historic entry-level model, with sportive equipment and a highly original graphic livery.

Attendees also checked out the BG54, a 2022 newcomer that revives the concept and design of the BG72, which is also on display and is known for uniting fly boat and open boat enthusiasts.

Last but definitely not least, the award-winning BGX70, the first model in the revolutionary range launched in 2019, was at Cannes with Bluegame.


But this year at the show, on the docks or in the elegant and comfortable lounges of parent-company Sanlorenzo‘s stand, guests also heard about the challenge that Bluegame has set for itself and won.

Bluegame have designed and built a challenger in the 37th America’s Cup for New York Yacht Club American Magic.

It’s the first chase boat with exclusively hydrogen propulsion-using foils, according to the strict requirements of the event’s protocol.

An extremely complex project, for the success of which Bluegame relied on exceptionally competent collaborators with experience from previous America’s Cups, as well as the invaluable support of Sanlorenzo’s R&D department.



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