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The portable underwater breathing device Scorkl now has a complementary electric compressor for refilling on the go.

01 June 2023


In 2019, SCORKL was launched as the first ever lightweight, portable and affordable underwater breathing device that provides up to 10 minutes underwater at a time and can be refilled on-the-spot with the SCORKL Hand Pump.

Inventor, David Hallamore explains, “A user doesn’t need to be SCUBA-certified to use the Scorkl so it a portable and refillable mini scuba tank that anyone can use.

“It simply hangs out of you your mouth, weightlessly, as you swim, so just pop it between your teeth and dive in! The Scorkl is great for shallow recreational diving, as well as being the perfect utility for boat-owners to clean their hulls or de-foul propellers and anchors.”

More than 8,000 Scorkl units have been sold to 65 countries worldwide.

In 2023, Scorkl is releasing the Scorkl Electric Compressor. Until now, high-pressure SCUBA air compressors have been prohibitively expensive and heavy, with only commercial dive stores and superyachts being able to afford and store them.


The Scorkl Electric Compressor however changes all of this by offering the same breathable quality high-pressure air at a fraction of the price and in a lightweight, compact case.

Simply plug the Scorkl Electric Compressor into mains power, or onto your 12V car or boat battery, to refill your SCORKL effortlessly.

Scorkl is also offering a Battery Pack add-on unit, which lets you power the Compressor off-grid using everyday 18V lithium-ion power tool batteries such as those used by power tool brands Milwaukee, DeWalt, Ryobi, Makita.

The Scorkl Electric Compressor will first become available via the product launch platform Kickstarter.



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