Breath of fresh air

With almost 50 years of collective experience, the recently launched charter service Yomira aims to modernise the charter market.

11 February 2021


British-based charter service Yomira has announced its vision to bring new life to the luxury yacht charter sector through client-centric charters.

Founded by Neil Hornsby and Amanda Armstrong, who combined have 50 years of superyacht charter experience, Yomira launched late last year with the ethos of promoting superyachting as a lifestyle choice rather than a status symbol.

Clients of Yomira are offered a range of options with their charters, ranging from spa and wellbeing in Indonesia and Arctic expeditions to more traditional charters around the Southern Grenadines and Aeolian Islands.

Accentuating this approach of originality, clients of Yomira are offered a vast range of customisable options, including special nutritional programs, live music and archaeological tours with supplied guides.

“High-end travel clients have been well served over the last decade by a new breed of exclusive travel consultancies specialising in a very personalised proposition for the entire client experience,” says Hornsby.


“We were therefore motivated to modernise and breathe new life into the charter process with Yomira, going the extra mile in designing life-enhancing superyacht experiences to become more relevant in a changing world.”

Central to their objectives is to adapt chartering to the needs of a contemporary market.

“This is a critical factor in being able to attract new clients to the concept of chartering a yacht, especially next generation clients,” says Armstrong.

As Hornsby explains, the past decade has seen a continued launch of new travel, and yet the charter service model itself has lagged behind: procedural complexities and lack of transparency illuminating the need for a faster, streamlined system.

“We aim to build a more favourable perception of yacht charter by making it more appealing and accessible to a wider audience in order to grow the market,” Armstrong adds.

“Our mission is to elevate the experience clients can enjoy on charter and we very much see our role as providing the inspiration and logistics to make this happen,” says Hornsby.



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