Breaking the ice

M Yachts CEO and Co-Founder Jan Ole Hagen has always been fascinated by technology, believing in its power to make consumer choices more transparent and hassle-free.

12 March 2020


As the global firm expands into Australian territory, we take five minutes with Hagen in Hong Kong, to find out how the company’s smart digital offerings could change the landscape of high-end yachting.

M Yachts offers a chartering platform and an owners’ platform. How does your approach compare to that of your competitors, particularly in keeping Central Agents on side?

Our charter platform – M Yachts Life (myachts.life) – delivers a portfolio of the world’s best luxury yachts, and enhances these charters with one-of-a-kind experiences around the world. We only work directly with yacht owners and central charter agents. The M Yachts Life platform is also available to our Central Agent partners to use to manage real-time charter availability, routing, crew planning, content, and marketing, to efficiently and transparently run their fleets on behalf of owners.

Our owners’ platform – M Yachts Club (myachts.club) – is a unique resource designed to make ownership easier and less costly for yacht owners around the world. We represent the interests of our members when sourcing the best suppliers and expertise. This means we deliver significant savings, assured quality, and peace of mind to our members.


Our goal is to help members minimise the risk and cost of ownership, and maximise the enjoyment of yacht ownership, while protecting the owner’s capital investment. The three basic principles are: simple, transparent, efficient. We’re an efficient facilitator between our customers and the best partners in the industry – we’re proud when we can help them find the best solution for their needs, connecting them with the right suppliers to deliver the right service.

Can you describe an example of how access to the M Yachts Club can be helpful for an owner?

An owner with three yachts of varying size joined in April 2019, having previously relied on his PA to manage the budgets and detail for them. Within a few weeks, the M Yachts Club had helped consolidate his mooring and insurance costs to deliver savings of over 25 percent. We also supplied a new captain and crew who have significantly improved ongoing running and maintenance.

How long have you been CEO, and what’s your background?

Together with Kai Einheuser – Director & Co-founder, I founded M Yachts in 2014. Growing up with sailing yachts I’ve been part of the industry for quite some time.

My professional strength lies in strategic management and controlling, as well as over 10 years of hands on experience with luxury brands (cars, textile and yachts).

You’ve lived in Hong Kong for seven years now – how did you come to meet Steve Connolly, the newly appointed M Yachts Australian representative?

We were introduced in mid 2018, through a mutual acquaintance, and immediately felt there was a unique opportunity for us to work together in developing M Yachts for the Australian market. We put a lot of value in building a team of dynamic people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, to add significant value to the business, the brand, and to our customers.

M Yachts is currently active in Hong Kong and Spain. Why do you think the market, both globally and in Australia, is ready for this kind of operation? 

We have found that yacht owners and many in the industry in each of these markets face the same challenges: how to efficiently connect and transact with each other in a transparent and mutually beneficial way. The M Yachts Club offers owners in these markets an on-demand yacht management solution, that helps them run their yacht and better preserve its value. One main reason that we are starting with these three markets is that we have found very good people who really know their individual markets, who will help bring the concept forward in the most efficient way.




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