Brand expansion

The Whitehaven Group has been selected by Aquila Catamarans as the distributor of their luxury power catamaran range in Australia and New Zealand.

18 February 2021


Aquila Catamarans joins the group, which includes the bespoke range of Whitehaven Motor Yachts as well as the range of Integrity Motor Yachts, the market leader in the full-displacement trawler-style vessels, making its representation one of the most diverse in the Antipodean market.

“Aquila and Whitehaven hold similar philosophies, practices and commitments to clients. Aquila has been bold with its designs and innovative with its production techniques, which have propelled the Aquila brand to its market-leading position in the fastest-growing marine sub-sector – power catamarans.

“There was no better partner for The Whitehaven Group and no better reason to work with Aquila,” explained Lee Randall, Business Development Manager for The Whitehaven Group.

Aquila’s range of power catamarans extend from 32 feet to the flagship Luxury 70. The A54 (at just over 54 feet) is the latest to be released and will be closely followed by the esteemed A70. The sales success of the A54 has been astonishing with 20 units sold globally before its official release.


The A54 will be debuted by The Whitehaven Group at the 2021 Sydney International Boat Show.

“With the inclusion of Aquila in the group, we now represent close to 30 models of boat across the three brands,” continued Randall.

“It gives us an extraordinary ability to select the right boat for our clients, continue to develop our strong design and production systems, and grow a community of avid boat owners with a shared love of the sea.”

The Whitehaven business was founded a decade ago when its owner Bruce Scott sought a bespoke alternative to what was on offer from the production boat sector.

He saw an opportunity for custom-built yachts and teamed up with notable boat identity Keith Hanson and his son and boatbuilder, Ryan Hanson, to create Whitehaven Motor Yachts.

Together they brought generations of experience to the business from every perspective from end user to owner, sales and distribution, boatbuilding and after-sales support.

The distributorship of Integrity Motor Yachts for Australia and New Zealand further complemented the business operations from 2017, with both luxury brands being represented through national dealer networks with a dedicated focus on sales and customer support.

This broad and diverse experience of the Whitehaven Group, along with its strong presence in sales, marketing and customer satisfaction in the Australian and New Zealand market is what attracted Aquila.

“Each brand offers something different and yet complement each other,” said Randall.

“Our Integrity owners appreciate the ease of use, economical cruising and range, while our Whitehaven owners want the customisation that only a bespoke build can provide. Aquila Catamarans sit between these two; offering quality, power, manoeuvrability and economical cruising with expansive interior space.”

The group will now turn their attention to raising the profile of Aquila within their established community of boat owners and the wider market before beginning preparation for the Australian and New Zealand boat show season.



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