Bigger and better

The Sealegs 12RC has officially launched, with two weeks of demonstrations ahead before delivery to the owner.

07 September 2022


Sealegs International Ltd has launched its large format Amphibious Enablement System 100 (AES) on its latest craft – the 12-metre Sealegs 12RC.

The 12RC is described as a game changer in the large format amphibious class, carrying a payload up to three times that of traditional offerings.

“The 12RC defines the new standard of freedom, luxury and comfort in an amphibious craft,” said Sealegs CEO, David McKee Wright.

“The size of the platform enables customers the freedom to use their Sealegs in nearly all-weather conditions in style and comfort.”

Since launching, Sealegs have already received orders for more 12RC’s as well as fielding enquiries for customised versions for commercial use, including pilot boats and tourism applications.

“The 12RC represents everything a traditional Sealegs does, just more of it. More comfort, luxury and freedom,” continued McKee Wright.


“Being as big as it is, the 12RC includes dual electric retractable sunroofs, retracting rear cabin windows and several layout options which can include a galley, up to four berths, a bathroom and commercial seating.”

The 12RC was shown with dual Yamaha 425HP outboards which includes a fully integrated electric steering system with a multifunction display, advanced drive-by-wire throttle controls and Helm Master joystick docking and positioning controls.

The System 100 kit is based on existing Sealegs patented technology and is the result of a three-year development project to upscale and commercialise the amphibious capability for much larger professional craft.

“We are already fielding calls from a variety of commercial operators blown away by the additional opportunities these larger format craft will bring,” said McKee Wright.

The craft was launched to an exclusive group of customers and partners at Orams Marine last week.

The Sealegs 12RC is now available for demonstration over the next two weeks, before being dispatched to its new owner in Europe.



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