Becoming one

Stella Marine and Stella Systems have confirmed that the brands will consolidate into one company.

13 July 2021


Marine engineering refit and maintenance service provider Stella Marine has, alongside marine equipment manufacturer, importer and distributor Stella Systems, announced that the two names will form one company under the Stella brand. 

Combining their engineering, manufacturing and distribution into one streamlined new operation, Stella’s portfolio of marine products and services will now be centralised in the new purpose-built facility, located in The Boatworks’ North Superyacht Yard. 

The decision, according to the company, is a move towards providing a level of service and efficiency that was previously unattainable over three locations. 

Stella has also confirmed that there has been significant investment into new CNC machinery and laser-cutting equipment, as well as the hiring of a full-time naval architect.

This will extend their capability to new heights, complementing the in-house design and R&D teams.


Along with the merger comes a brand new website that brings together the range of products and services into one easy-to-navigate platform. The site structure operates on a clear distinction between Stella’s different engineering, manufacturing, distribution and product options.

These new digital features include a simplified Navbar, enhanced UX design, and the website is fully responsive across desktops, tablets and mobiles, and all web browsers. 

Visitors will find all products Stella manufactures and distributes in the Equipment Store.

Visitors to the new site will also be able to stay up to date with the latest news from Stella as well as find any additional resources, including press releases, helpful blog posts and feel-good stories via the News Room. 



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