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Axopar celebrates a decade since its foundation coinciding with the launch of the all-new Axopar 29 range at boot Düsseldorf 2024.

25 January 2024


Axopar has launched its new Axopar 29 range at boot Düsseldorf 2024, as it kicks off its 10th-anniversary celebrations at the show.

The Finnish boatbuilder used the show to introduce the all-new Axopar 29 XC Cross Cabin and Sun-Top version for the first time.

Axopar says it has taken all the insights accumulated from the success of its walkaround outboard model Axopar 28, first introduced a decade ago, and carried them over to a completely new type of boat with the Axopar 29.

And there are many insights to glean: the popular Axopar 28 was the first to be awarded the “hattrick of awards” after winning the European Power Boat of the Year, Motorboat Awards and Best of Boats consecutively for the Axopar 28 range. The Axopar 28 Cabin also became the first European boat to ever win the US Boating magazine’s “Boat of the Year” award in 2020.

“I could not have imagined the scale and how far Axopar has developed in only 10 years when we founded the company in 2014,” says Axopar founding partner, Jan-Erik Viitala.


“To become the industry leader in a genre created all of its own,  adventure boating, is a unique achievement in itself.”

The all-new Axopar 29 range

Axopar says the all-new Axopar 29 range has taken customer feedback into account, in terms of improved functionality, usability, comfort and higher quality with a new visual presence that echoes the Axopar 28.

The Axopar 29 range, therefore, is even more multifunctional. The builder says it maintains its value for money, despite the sub-30-foot category becoming more competitive in recent years.

Improved functionality

The Axopar 29 retains many of the Axopar hallmarks but possesses a bolder and more adventurous design than the 28, with a slew of upgrades.

There are redefined hydrodynamics and improved efficiency, plus the bow section is higher with a more pronounced flair to help improve ride quality and comfort in rough conditions.

The walkaround side decks are also wider, making manoeuvring around the boat easier.

The sliding doors are taller and wider than before, and the Axopar 29 XC now has a full-width, panoramic ‘wraparound’ rear screen, which changes the visibility from the cabin completely, letting more light in.

Reimagined layout and multicabin in the bow

The new layout on the foredeck provides more volume in the bow and can now seat up to eight people comfortably. An optional U-sofa extension, together with the front-facing bench, together creates a social O-shaped lounging area.

Axopar has saved its biggest surprise for the bow, where it has placed a large and spacious multi-cabin that serves three different usages depending on the customer’s preference.

In its standard function, the multicabin offers a large under-deck storage area for gear and luggage, which can be extended to an optional freshwater toilet and sink.

The multi-cabin is large enough to transform into an optional full-length sleeping cabin for occasional overnighting.

This extra usability means two couples, or two adults and two kids, can now stay overnight when selecting the main sleeping aft cabin to the boat. The Axopar 29 now has an overnighting capability for those who do not wish to take away any space from the functional aft deck.

New space in the Axopar 29 XC pilothouse

The pilothouse in the Axopar 29 XC feels more spacious, and guests can move around with fewer thresholds, greater legroom for front and rear occupants and more headroom.

Axopar says the optimised layout and improved sightlines, combined with the wraparound panoramic front and rear windscreens, offer an “enormous difference” and a much airier sensation inside, with significantly improved 360-degree visibility all around.

Repositioning the c-pillars to a more forward location has made reversing and mooring manoeuvres in tight and restricted spaces that much safer and easier.

The 29 Sun Top now with sliding canvas roof

Following the successful Axopar 37 Sun Top with its sliding canvas roof, this feature has been transferred over to the Axopar 29 Sun Top, to provide sun protection while still letting the sun inside the cockpit. The sliding canvas roof is offered standard with manual operation, and optionally with an electric actuator.

A new optional U sofa configuration, together with a large, foldable hi-lo table, creates a more sociable seating arrangement around the cockpit. The hi-lo table also turns into a large sun bed, creating a second lounging area onboard accompanying the fore deck lounge area.

The practical aft-cabin doubles as a ‘multi-storage’ space for transporting gear and equipment. There’s further optimised space utilisation and improved layout throughout the boat, where the design team stole extra centimetres throughout.

Axopar says it takes pride in achieving a balance of speed with fuel efficiency. Together with improved hydrodynamics, the bigger 400-litre fuel tank on the Axopar 29 offers a cruising range of over 200 nautical miles, and a wide cruising speed zone between 22 to 32 knots where litres per nautical mile consumption remains almost unchanged. The new hull dynamics also raise the fast-cruising speed of the Axopar 29 up towards 37 knots, without sacrificing ride quality or comfort.

Integration of components

The 29 range has further developed the integration of structured components and mold parts into the hull, which increases stiffness and minimises the reliance on using additional parts and fixings.

The idea is to use the boat’s own inherent strength and integrity to support parts of the structure. Axopar says this efficient production principle not only saves excess weight and cost but streamlines the entire manufacturing process and reduces the boat’s potential for noise and vibration, creating a more silent-running, creak and rattle-free environment for passengers to enjoy.

“We’re proud of our worldwide community of Axoparians, and we are super excited about the next 10 years ahead of us,” says Viitala.

“The crucial cornerstone in our success has been our customers and professional partners who believed in our concept and embraced it from day one. For them, we are beyond grateful, and without our customers, we would not be where we are today.

“We are excited to see the Axopar 29s hitting the market, and this 10-year anniversary will be celebrated throughout the whole year with more news and a lot of cool things coming from Axopar in 2024.”



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