Australia beckons

The secret is out. Foreign-flagged superyachts are flocking to our shores with a huge financial benefit to the marine and tourism industries. It’s one holiday we, as locals, should consider too.

Written by Hillary Buckman

02 June 2020


Before COVID-19 grounded holiday plans for the foreseeable future, thousands of high-end Australian travellers were preparing to head to the French Riviera, Greek islands or Croatian coastline to enjoy their European summer holiday.

But is the fun cancelled or has it just changed location?

Cruising the Australian coastline on board your own vessel, or one you decide to charter, might just be the one holiday you haven’t considered – but definitely should.

For a similar investment to first- or business-class airline tickets to Europe plus accommodation, food and entertainment, with another family or two, you could charter one of Australia’s finest local charter yachts currently moored around our country.

What could be more appealing than a charter holiday on the water with your loved ones, family and friends, in absolute safety and privacy, against the stunning backdrop of our Great Southern Land?


Your kids will love the freedom to explore the ocean, enjoy the many tenders and toys that most yachts have an overabundance of and can learn to scuba dive or paddleboard – as will you.

Think friends seated around the dining table enjoying sensational cuisine prepared by the finest chefs, paired with the best wines all within the privacy of your yacht – and no neighbours to worry about the noise drifting from partying into the night …

Of course, if you prefer, you can still disembark and dine at fine local restaurants, go shopping or visit the array of incredible cultural sites, many of which are situated around our shorelines.

With changes to Australian legislation in late 2019, there is no better time to enjoy everything you love about your Mediterranean holiday right here at home.

The Australian Special Recreational Vessel Bill 2019, which now allows foreign-flagged vessels to charter in Australian waters for up to 12 months, is not only seeing internationally flagged vessels streaming in but is giving local residents a much larger choice of vessels to choose from for charter.

Naturally spoiled for choice, any one of a range of antipodean destinations will bring unforgettable, exquisite and inimitable experiences – and benefit the local marine industry and tourism operators that have been brought to their knees by a year that has seen drought, raging bushfires and lockdowns as a result of COVID-19.

It’s time to get out and explore this Great Southern Land, and what better way than on a yacht with friends? With Australians focusing on holidaying at home, let’s foster our own marine sector and local tourism.

Read our industry update Superyacht boost for more information on the expected boom in Australia.

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