Aussie yacht launched

Echo Yachts 84 metre trimaran White Rabbit launched in Henderson, Western Australia.

04 September 2018


Australian custom Superyacht builder Echo Yachts launched their 84-metre superyacht new build project White Rabbit on Saturday 1 September in Henderson, Western Australia.

Weather conditions were perfect for the launch, which took place at the BAE Systems facility adjacent to Echo Yachts in Henderson, Western Australia. 

At nearly 3000 gross tonnes, 84-metre in length and a 19.6-metre beam, White Rabbit is largest superyacht built in Australia, the largest aluminium and largest tri-hull superyacht in the world.

White Rabbit showcases the highest standards of luxury cruising and innovation with over 1200 square metres of palatial guest accommodation, class leading seakeeping and fuel efficiency, trimaran hull form, bespoke Naiad ride control and state-of-the-art diesel electric propulsion by Kongsberg/STADT and Rolls Royce.

“On behalf of the team at Echo Yachts, I am very proud of what we have achieved with the build of the latest White Rabbit,” said Echo Yachts director Mark Stothard of the successful launch.


“Like myself, many of the team have been involved in the Western Australian Ship Building industry since the early 80’s. We have watched our industry grow, prove itself and become internationally renowned for the ability to take on and deliver one off bespoke projects that many other builders would shy away from.

“It is this ‘can-do attitude’, technical knowledge and experience we have accumulated as a collective that paved the way for the White Rabbit project to be built by Echo Yachts in Australia.”

At the clients request, Echo Yachts explored their desire for “engineering boldness” in the vessel’s form and latest technology engineering systems design.

Yacht Designer Sam Sorgiovanni commented that there is a great sense of pride that comes from seeing the launch ofWhite Rabbit.

“It’s not just the time that it took to build the yacht but more so from history and the fact that my career started here and with many of the people involved in the project.

“There is no question that every aspect of this yacht is purely world class and a credit to all that have contributed to this amazing vessel.

As with all great yachts, there is always an Owner that has a dream, a passion for the unique experience of yachting. In this case, the Owner is also a visionary constantly striving to challenge convention and achieve what has never been done before.”

The Team at Echo Yachts were all involved in the design and build of WRG have proven that when challenged, the Australian ‘can-do’ attitude usually results in greatness.

“WRG’s hull form, developed by One2Three, is an innovation with many advantages over a conventional hull. Once fully understood by the industry I have no doubt that efficient hull forms will catch on as in a world of fuel efficiency and political correctness, it’s a logical and necessary way forward,” continued Sorgiovanni.

“Once again, thanks to her owners for the opportunity to be involved in such a significant and important project and I wish the team at Echo yachts future success”.

White Rabbit will be intensively trialled at sea off the West Australian coast prior to delivery to her owners by the end of October 2018.


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