Art intentions

As the importance of caring for fine art onboard yachts grows, a new partnership is offering crew training that covers art appreciation as well as practical care of paintings and other valuable artworks.

Photography by Pandora Art Services

03 June 2019


The partnership between Yacht Art Management (YAM) and Pandora Art Services offers clients training in the care of the art collections and objects whose values can run into six or seven figures. Any loss or damage runs deeper than financial cost, constituting a loss to the history of art and shared cultural heritage.

Tilman Kriesel, owner of YAM is an art advisor and architect, Pandora Mather-Lees is an art historian and art market professional, meaning that both have entered the yachting profession from longstanding careers in the art world in Germany and the UK respectively.

Tilman Kriesel said “My partner, Astor and I have known Pandora for some time now and are very happy to welcome Pandora Art Services training as part of our offer.

“We believe in providing our clients with an all-round service where the after care of the client and the crew is very important. We have seen some serious damage occur over the years that we have been placing important pieces in the care of the crew.”


Pandora Mather-Lees added “I approached Tilman after we shared a panel at Superyacht Investor Conference as I could see that this was a perfect fit.  As someone who had lived and studied art in Germany, I liked how Tilman was developing his very personal service and had respect for his work and background in the field of art in Hamburg.

“I have been training captains and crew for some years now having partnered with ACREW Yachting and this additional collaboration offers me the opportunity to widen the scope of the training.”

Modules comprise 10 compact units which include: Art handling, awareness of climate and placement issues, export sanctions risk, insurance, logistics and CITIES Regulations.

Art history and art market options are the next step for crew who might want to find a different career after their time at sea. Training will take place as a bespoke offer either on board the vessel, in the classroom or as a one-to-one consultancy service.



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