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The ocean, lush forests and the colours in a sunset can all inspire creativity. Yet, it remains the personal touch and the magic of collaboration that allows for the ultimate creative expression.

Written by Angela Burlizzi

16 June 2022


The source of creativity is different for everyone. For me, it comes from nature, pure and simple. Immersed in the elements, there’s an incredible sense of freedom, opportunity and wonder to be found. It is incredibly grounding, yet also holds a world of possibility.

The ocean, in particular, remains my greatest muse. There’s nothing quite like being near the sea on a warm day, watching the sun glisten on the water’s edge or swimming in clear turquoise waters. The sense of peace and tranquillity is both blissful and extremely powerful.

Flowers are also essential to me and, inside my home, they are everywhere. Floral paintings adorn the walls and fresh bouquets line the tables.

Their vibrant colours and variety in shape, their velvety texture and singular characteristics are pure perfection, urging me on to explore hues and materials in combinations beyond my comfort zone.

So too, at Analu, our designs are shaped in more ways than one, but always created with both people and lifestyle in mind. There are two distinct elements to our creative process.


The first is the visual aesthetic of a space, which makes you feel calm and inspired. From the warm, natural shades of linen bedspreads to the cool blue accents in hand-printed cushions and textured throws with a splash of emerald green, burnt orange and gold, colours and fabrics can instil a sense of wellbeing and happiness in your surroundings.

The second component is the physicality and functionality of the materials. The tactile nature of the pure fibres in these fabrics work together with their colour and texture to inform the eye and soothe the soul.

You can’t put a price on the feel of crisp linen or slipping between Egyptian cotton sheets for a deep, restful sleep.

In Italy, my homeland, there is a saying: “The family that eats together, stays together.”

This remains a sacred, irreplaceable part of Italian culture, and this same principle holds true on a yacht – the dining table is the centrepiece of family life, where together with friends, precious moments are shared.

When designing a tablecloth or decor object, I am drawn to the perfect way to dress these moments in a beautiful, sophisticated and user-friendly way.

Whether that is with a leather placemat that’s easy to clean, a linen napkin to match your dinnerware or the finest embroidered cloth, it is made with you in mind and what it can do for you.

Here at Analu, we may not be able to travel and explore new trends at the moment, but we are blessed to have strong relationships with our artisans and workshops in Italy.

After years of working together and exploring solutions for individual projects, we have achieved a level of understanding and familiarity that goes beyond a business transaction.

Thankfully, digital technology enables us to still share content with our international partners in real time. The definition is so high it almost feels as if you are touching the fabrics.

Naturally, meeting in person is preferable as colours and textures need to be reviewed and approved, but in the meantime, samples can be posted, and we can continue to create something new and different for clients.

The world is experiencing a boom in interior decor, both in yachting and residential homes. An emerging trend is the fusion of different materials to create elaborate textures, weaves and embroideries.

Think leathers woven with raffia, silks embroidered with gold and silver lamé threads, laces embellished with beads, crystals and pearls, cashmere decorated with braids.

These timeless, avant-garde designs have conquered the runways in fashion shows from Chanel to Dior, Gucci and more.

Analu is honoured to collaborate with a hand-selected, skilled team of artisans for our new decor collections. Partnering with the world’s masters in their craft and harnessing their level of expertise allows for endless possibilities of bespoke, hand-made products.

Constantly experimenting with new fabrics and applications, together we are crafting extraordinary pieces and curating fluid spaces with the lightest touch.

As Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” and it’s our delightful pleasure and profound privilege to work with our clients to create tailor-made environments that enhance their life on board.



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