Amphibious attraction

SACS Marine Australia took a new brand to the Sydney International Boat Show, the luxurious and amphibious Iguana 31 Classic, a boat that acts as a tender or day boat, delivering easy access from your home to the water.

Written by Jeni Bone
Photography by SACS Marine Australia

07 August 2017


Made in Caen, Normandy France, the Iguana range is the brainchild of company President and CEO, Antoine Brugidou, who says the concept evolved from his own need for easy access to his waterfront home, but not in the form of a conventional tender.

The boats use tracks instead of wheels, which are extremely efficient, especially on soft terrain like sand or mud.

“The Iguana Mobility System offers a way of incorporating a set of tracks into a boat’s hulls, without compromising its excellent hydrodynamic properties, giving the ability to build the most powerful amphibious boats with the lowest ground pressure and the best boat performance,” say its designers.

This innovation has patents in eight major economic regions, according to its founder. There is no docking, no fenders and the landing gear goes up in eight seconds.


With a sturdy fiberglass hull and stainless steel and timber upper, the Iguana Classic 31 is not just good looking, but can also tackle any waters, beach, grass and roads.

The Adventure model is more robust and can handle tougher terrain, ideal for anglers or surfers needing to traverse rocky beachheads in search of a remote break or bommy. It will come equipped with racks for boards and a sports hoop for towing.

A new Commuter model will enable its owners to sleep out overnight, as Brugidou explains: “My team of engineers and designers are working on a new model that will be propelled by no less than three outboard engines. She will have a nice cabin with a shower and a toilet and even air conditioning to cruise comfortably in luxury even in a severe environment.”

The Exclusive model offers gold plated fittings, including ladder and rails, while the Iguana Expedition’s wave-piercing bow, deep-V hull and shock-mitigating seats provide the safety and freedom to explore anywhere.

The fully customisable Iguana offers a 5-star boating experience, says its Australian dealer, Colin Wilcox.

“It has a deep V hull with a flat bottom and the farest hull for shallow waters. It can approach the beach in a small swell in complete safety. It performs brilliantly and can reach 40 knots.

“You can go straight up the slipway and into your shed, or across the beach to your home, and even along private roads at 10kms an hour.”

If you want your Iguana to act as a tender, rest assured it’s up to the task with the addition of a full fender around the boat.

Owners can create their custom Iguana with the online configurator, choosing from a selection of decking, seating, windshield, sunroofs, table, ski pole, rails, motors and more.



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