Amer’s first steel hull

The first 70-metre steel yacht from Italian shipyard Permare is currently under construction and will be ready for the 2026 season.

23 June 2022


In March 2022, the construction of the new Amer 70 Steel began under the close supervision of the Amerio family.

A dedicated supply chain gives geographical priority to the Ligurian and Tuscan districts and highly skilled workers that will ensure the highest quality.

The displacement hull with contemporary lines, born from the creative flair of Antonio Luxardo, will have low consumptions and very generous spaces with aesthetic features that will make it stylistically innovative.

The project was commissioned to Optima, a Ligurian studio of La Spezia. The director of works and quality control is Ligurian engineer Giulio Riva, who has thirty years’ experience in the steel industry, coordinating many major successful refittings with Amer’s shipyard in San Remo.

Interiors are designed by Luxury Projects Studio, to the initiative of eclectic Laura Pomponi, who is also working at the San Remo shipyard on another project.

More details will be unveiled in the coming months for what represents Permare’s biggest and most demanding challenge.


Permare, now in its fiftieth year of business, boasts a large Italian and international clientele based in western Liguria, a strategic location close to the French Riviera and Monaco.

In addition to the new steel segment, the dedicated composite team has strengthened. They’ve managed to scale up the Amer 120 construction type and extend it to the entire product range.

Massimo Verme, Stefano Tini and Andrea Ramasco are part of the historic group and will be particularly busy this year in completing the many Amer Yachts projects, with deliveries scheduled through the end of 2023.

The Amer 70 Steel will be ready for the 2026 season.



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