All-electric Orca

The Taiga Orca promises a thrilling electric-powered ride accompanied by only the sound of the wind and waves.

10 August 2022


On show at the 2022 Sydney International Boat Show, the Orca from Canadian offroad technology specialist, Taiga Motors combines the performance-focused electric powertrain with near-non-existent throttle lag and bespoke design for fun and sustainable waterway adventures.

After many years of R&D and establishing its reputation in 100-percent electric snowmobiles, Taiga has begun delivery of the first Orca models to customers in North America.

“This is a significant moment for the Taiga team because not only are we kicking off summer with Orca deliveries, but we are proudly marking the milestone of the first-ever mass-produced electric watercraft available to consumers,” said Samuel Bruneau, Taiga CEO.

“Years of engineering and testing of our revolutionary electric powertrain platform in snow and water has now come full circle, truly changing how people connect with the outdoors.”


Taiga developed the world’s first performance-focused, commercial electric off-road powertrain pioneering cutting-edge technology to electrify the off-road segment, first installed into its snowmobiles, then adapted and fine-tuned for the Orca personal watercraft.

Orca quietly powers through water with up to 120 kW and peak torque from zero RPM. Orca delivers reliable, linear power for precise performance and ultimate thrills of gliding through the water.

The Orca Carbon has level 3 charging capability. On a level 3 fast charger, it recharges to 80 percent in just 30 minutes.

At home, if you have a level 2 EV charger, plan on around 3.5 hours to recharge the Orca, or 14 hours with a standard wall outlet. On a full charge, it’ll run for around two hours or 28 miles, depending on conditions and drive mode.

Orca redefines the personal watercraft experience with silent operation, powerful efficiency, no engine maintenance and intelligent connectivity.

The Orca Carbon model features a unique carbon-fibre composite hull hydrodynamically engineered for dynamic handling, with leading power-to-weight ratio and stunning customisable colour/finish combinations.

Taiga was recently named Fast Company’s 2022 Best World Changing Idea Overall in North America.



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