Advanced electric

Sunreef has launched what it hails the most advanced electric motor yacht, the 80 Sunreef Power Eco.

27 May 2023


Sunreef Yachts has recently launched the world’s most advanced electric motor yacht in its Gdansk facility in Poland. The luxury catamaran was customized to the owner’s exact specifications and is using the latest green tech to reach the highest levels of sustainability and energy-efficiency.

Equipped with two 360kW engines and a set of 990kWh batteries, the super cat is fitted with Sunreef Yachts’ revolutionary solar power system with panels fully integrated with the composite structures. Thanks to this technology, the 80 Sunreef Power Eco provides unrivaled solar power for extended range and a clean cruising experience.

The catamaran was commissioned by an experienced family of yacht owners, deeply engaged in sustainability and looking for the perfect eco-responsible motor yacht.

The four-cabin catamaran boasts a custom-tailored layout and décor to accommodate eight guests in full luxury.


With an energy-saving air conditioning system and smart energy management, this electric yacht sets new standards for eco-cruising.

The luxury catamaran was customised to the owner’s exact specifications to reach the highest levels of sustainability and energy efficiency.

The owners commented on their choice of electric power, saying “The climate impact of large power yachts is significant.

“We have taken extensive steps to impact the climate crises, therefore we could only consider a power yacht if it would incorporate technologies that are rapidly scaling in other sectors such as solar energy and electric vehicles. Given our focus on sustainability broadly, only an electric ‘Eco’ boat aligned with our values.”

They selected Sunreef based on the brand’s state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to alternative power.

“We conducted extensive research in collaboration with our broker Staley Weidman from The Catamaran Company,” they explained.

“This included visits and meetings with multiple foreign shipyards, to determine who was genuinely and successfully advancing state-of-the-art with electric and sustainable yachting. The result of our discovery process was clear – Sunreef leads the industry with research and development, high-quality production, highly evaluated sourcing, and compelling on-water performance.”



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