Abundance of truffles

Manjimup truffles steal the scene at Gowings Bar & Grill.

Photography by QT Sydney

24 August 2023


Grated, shaved and layered on with love, fresh Manjimup black truffles are taking over as Gowings’ most popular dishes.

Gowings Bar & Grill is located in QT Sydney, on the site of a Market Street landmark.

Curated by Creative Culinary Director of QT Sydney, Sean Connolly, each dish serves lashings of the winter delicacy, where the flavours, aromas and allure of the underground gem are staying at the centre of the scene until the end of August.

Gowings’ classics, such as the ricotta gnocchi with orgy of mushrooms, is reinvented and served with generously grated truffle atop the soft pillows of handmade gnudi. Sides are dialled high with truffled peas, a nod to Sean’s English heritage, and baked eggs, served with freshly shaved truffle.

Enjoyed as a side to a classic Gowings steak of guests’ choosing, the eggs are served sunny-side up and sizzling straight from the wood-fire oven.


Inspired by the Peter Luger Steak House in Williamsburg Brooklyn, the New York truffled burger with fries is Gowings’ most recent addition to the lunch menu.

The burger has a less-is-more philosophy, sans salad and tomatoes, allowing for full focus on the generously shaved truffle atop the 220-gram beef patty. Available Tuesday to Friday between 12 pm and 3 pm, this burger is fit for those with Big Apple appetites on the corporate clock.

When it comes to indulging in truffle season, Creative Culinary Director Sean Connolly shares, “The dishes I’ve created are vehicles for the truffles themselves.

“Each ingredient travels well, never fighting for attention. The only way to truly enjoy truffles is in abundance, and that’s how it’s served in Gowings. I like to be knee-deep in them every year.”

For a perfect pairing, Samantha Belt, QT Sydney’s Head Sommelier, suggests a glass or two of the 2016 Giovanni Manzone Castelletto Barolo. Originating from the Montforte d’Alba region in Piedmont, known for growing truffles, the powerful, rugged Barolo is the ideal accompaniment to such rich flavours.



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