Problem solved

Side Hatch kit resolves issue of the need for an additional maintenance access point on challenging antenna installations.

Livewire Connections has a new range of Radome Side Access Hatch Door kits for use with Cobham Satcom VSAT and TVRO antennas.

The latest generation of Cobam Satcom VSAT and TVRO antennas supplied under the SAILOR or Sea Tel trade name use a low-level base fitted with an underside (swing down) hatch door. This design can cause issues that results in restricted maintenance access on some installations, especially when the antenna is mounted onto a slim-line pedestal, restricted access locations or directly to the deck.

To counter to this problem Livewire Connections has developed a range of easy to install side access hatch door kits. Each kit mimics the curvature of the different radome diameter sizes available (50” to 75”) and provides a neat, economical, and practical side hatch access option without the need to revert to a custom-built solution.


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