Welcome to the jungle

Get a Four Seasons take on adventure with luxury glamping in the Golden Triangle.

18 June 2021


Renowned for its lush bamboo jungles, adventurous trails and an away-from-it-all experience, the Golden Triangle brings together cultures and showcases the diversity of Thailand and its neighbours – Myanmar and Laos. 


With just the Ruak River to separate the borders, those guests who glamp at the exclusive hillside accommodation at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle have an ideal vantage point to explore the fascinating happenings that exist at this site. 


With all-inclusive two-, three- and four-night adventure packages, guests are allowed to truly immerse in the local culture, tailor-made with a mix of adventure, cultural exploration and relaxation.


Ideal for cycling enthusiasts, the Hillside Bicycle Tour follows a paved hill trail that takes guests through lush green paddy fields, pineapple plantations and a teak forest. Guests will pass farmers as they go about their daily routines and enjoy stunning views of the mountainscape.


Also included are riverside picnics held deep in the jungle with the Tented Camp’s chef and his array of delicious snacks and Jungle Cocktails. Also included is a Riverside Dinner where guests can savour camp-style cocktails and a BBQ dinner for a stunning evening out with loved ones.

Then, ride out to the Jungle Peninsula in the camp’s fully restored Land Rover where the setting sun makes a spectacular retreat across the Ruak River and into Myanmar, adding to the perfect mood for the evening.

“The serenity of the local villages in the Golden Triangle is second to none,” says Camp Manager Tobias Emmer.

“Discover new experiences that complement your travel style. While the experience may look different, it will feel the same.

With the award-winning Four Seasons App and Chat, our dedicated team is committed to delivering the same intuitive service and personalised care for which we are known for and trusted the world over.”



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