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Italian yard, Amer has launched number 14 of the Amer 94, a step up from its predecessors in features and benefits.

Photography by Amer Yachts

08 July 2017


Earlier this month in Viareggio, Amer Yachts launched the new Amer 94, number 14.

The boat is powered with 3 x Volvo Penta IPS 1200 engines and the seed is exploitable for a full 24 hours.

Sea trials revealed the boat reached the maximum speed of 29.3 knots and is registered as sailing at a displacement trim of 9.2 knots and 870RPM. Trials also showed it had a consumption equal to 41 litres, corresponding to 4, 45 litres per mile.

Consumption of the motor yacht at maximum speed is 500 litres per hour. These results have surpassed those achieved in 2015 with the MY Baccarat and in 2016 with the MY Visionaria.


A strength of the Amer 94, number 14 is that it was built with environmental impact and consumption reduction in mind. The new engines, for example, allow fuel expenditure to be reduced by 30 percent.

The reduction of noise pollution is another key strength of the new boat. Onboard noise is decreased by 50 percent and noise perceived outside of the boat is considerably cut.

An expansive surface is a key feature that exists through optimising the engine room. This allowed for a five-cabin version of the yacht. In doing so, the yacht can also cater for the charter market.

The Permare Group was established in the ’70s by Fernando Amerio. What started as a centre for technical assistance, today has come to be a force for excellence in Italian shipbuilding. Models span from the Amer 94 to 136.


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