Triple threat

Volvo Penta announces that its DPI Aquamatic sterndrive is now available on the market as a triple installation.

09 July 2021


Volvo Penta has confirmed that its DPI Aquamatic sterndrive, the same system awarded the Innovation Award at the 2020 Dusseldorf International Boat Show, is now available for vessels within the marine commercial and leisure sectors.

This introduction will feature a triple installation, making the DPI Aquamatic sterndrive viable for larger boats over 18 metres in length.

“In our new triple DPI package, you can expect to experience all the features and benefits that the DPI drives deliver, everything from the lower service needs to the unmatched comfort and manoeuvrability,” says Volvo Penta’s Product Manager Ingela Nordström.

“So, not only do we bring more power for current fleets or larger boats, but we manage to maintain the full capabilities of the DPI drives.”

The DPI package features a hydraulic clutch for silent and smooth shifting, as well as slipping at low engine speeds – resulting in added manoeuvrability and higher comfort at slower boat speeds. The addition of standard electric steering and optional Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) ensure easy and complete control regardless of conditions.


The brand’s D4 and D6 engines have been designed to deliver unique marine torque throughout the complete engine speed range. The supercharger, for example, delivers noticeable low-end torque for efficient planing. Once the boat reaches its higher RPM, the turbo takes over to ensure that speed can be maintained regardless of load or sea state.

The transmission and the Duoprop propellers complement this, transmitting all that torque to the water and giving an unparalleled in-water grip regardless of speed.

Two years ago, Volvo Penta and boatbuilder Marell set new standards for high-speed vessels with the launch of the Marell M15, powered by a twin Volvo Penta D6-440 DPI. Now, Marell is launching a new Marell M15 patrol boat with the triple DPI installation.

“When we originally launched the Marell M15, it had a top speed of around 40 knots,” says Jonas Karnerfors, Sales Project Manager, Volvo Penta.

“Now with the triple DPI, we have increased the top speed by 10 knots and increased acceleration while maintaining the fuel consumption at 40 knots. These are just a few of the many benefits we aim to deliver, with this new set-up, to boat owners and operators alike.

“Now, no matter what the sterndrive application, customers can rest assured that their expectations for optimal comfort and smooth control at the helm will be met.”



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