The crow flies

Cantiere delle Marche has announced the launch of the Explorer 40.22, a superyacht designed by Tommaso Spadolini.

17 June 2020


Italian shipyard Cantiere delle Marche has launched Crowbridge, a 42-metre explorer superyacht.

“This is our first launch after the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an injection of optimism for us and for all the nautical compartment,” says Vasco Buonpensiere, CdM’s Co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director.

“The launch of Crowbridge has been postponed by just a few weeks, which is a great achievement. Our capability to keep on track showed the yachting community, and ourselves, that we have been able to overcome brilliantly such an unexpected challenge thanks to our pragmatism and finely tuned organisation.”

Ennio Cecchini, CdM’s founder and CEO, adds: “This launch has a huge symbolic significance. We are proud and glad because it represents a tangible sign of restart. We are working full steam ahead and two more yachts will be launched shortly.”

Crowbridge is a full custom explorer yacht, designed to handle all weather conditions thanks to a very efficient, seaworthy hull form. Safety and comfort of guests and crew are key points of her design.


High-end equipment in a large and well laid out engine room designed for ease of service by crew is another fundamental feature of Explorer 40.22.

“This project stems from a client who wishes to have a strong, comfortable, reliable vessel featuring technical characteristics similar to that of a merchant ship. He is indeed an Italian shipowner and has a vast knowledge of the yachting market,” says Vasco Buonpensiere.

“He asked for a robust steel construction along with system redundancy and proven commercial-grade components to make his new yacht capable and reliable while maximising quality of life aboard.”


Exterior and interior design

“I have worked with this client many times in the past and two of his most recent yachts bear my signature,” says Florentine designer Tommaso Spadolini.

He asked me for a clean and simple silhouette and generous interior/ exterior areas that will provide him and his family with plenty of spaces to spend long holidays in total relaxation.

“These may seem very common requirements for a large yacht, yet he gave us precise indications about how private and social areas should be calibrated. He is an experienced yacht owner and is aware of his family’s expectations and habits.”

As for Crowbridge’s interior design, the owner asked Spadolini for an elegant yet understated style.

“The yacht has seven guest suites and four cabins for captain and crew. All areas, both interior and exterior ones, both private and social, will pamper, delight and entertain all on board as they are on holiday,” says Spadolini.

Naval architecture

“The yacht has been designed to the standards set by a very experienced client who decided to switch from a planing yacht to a displacement one,” says Sergio Cutolo, founder and team leader at Hydro Tec.

“Explorer 40.22 has been a totally new challenge for us,” Sergio maintains. “The beautiful design from Studio Spadolini required the highest degree of integration with the naval architecture and engineering to keep its unicity and perfect balance.

“Having already worked with Tommaso Spadolini, this was a successful and smooth process. The naval architectural aspects have been influenced by the peculiar weight distribution and from the bow profile that has been designed to the owner’s specific aesthetic requirements.

The hull is a typical round bilge displacement hull with generous bulbous bow and flat sections aft.

“The beam/draught ratio has been taken to an optimal value and special provisions were taken to allow for high-diameter/high-efficiency propellers.

“Maximum speed will be higher compared to similar designs, and this was duly considered in designing the waterlines. From the structural point of view, we minimised the impact of the structures on the hull and superstructures to maximise internal spaces.

“In the superstructure, we managed to create the perfect match between the designed interior layout and windows positioning/size.”



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