Thailand Yacht Show rescheduled

The government-initiated 2022 Thailand Yacht Show (TYS), running from 9 to 12 June, will be the first boat show in Asia for over two years.

15 March 2022

The Thailand Yacht Show was originally postponed from January 2021 and rescheduled for April 2022, however, Verventia, the Show’s organiser, agreed to delay the event further to June in response to requests from various main stakeholders in the long-standing industry event.

This will allow several brands, impacted by heavy production backlogs and overbooked shipping services, to get their latest models to the show.

At the same time, the reconstruction of the Ocean Marina Hotel, restaurant and Yacht Club – the venue for the TYS VIP Lounge – will now not be completed until mid-May at the earliest.

The new dates allow the whole complex and its facilities to be open and available to visitors in all its reconfigured glory.

Sales of yachts have skyrocketed in Asia during the pandemic. Thailand is no exception, with the local market having at last woken up to the pleasure and safety of the boating lifestyle.


People from Bangkok and other major cities have flocked to the waters and islands around Pattaya.

Thai dealers and distributors of the world’s best-known boating brands, as well as a steadily increasing number of local boatbuilders, suppliers and service companies, want to capitalise on this new market on the eastern seaboard and the Thai Riviera.

The long-awaited sixth edition and all future annual editions will take place in two venues at different times of the season.

The Gulf of Thailand event in Pattaya will focus on production yachts, with as many superyachts as are available in the area.

The Phuket event, which will take place in December, will cover the whole industry but with major focus on the fleet of foreign-owned superyachts that are expected to arrive from November to spend the winter in Thailand, thanks to the new superyacht charter license.

The two-show format will make TYS more representative of the whole industry, and far more accessible to visitors from across Thailand and exhibitors from all parts of the industry.



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