Super sailboat

Brazilian builder, MCP Yachts have launched the first hull in its Global EXP 68 series.

08 April 2021


The 68-foot sailboat was conceived and designed to increase the comfort and safety of navigation, both in coastal regions and in the open sea, in high or low latitudes.

The vessel offers five different internal layouts and up to five cabins, with the main cabin at the stern.

Specialising in sailboats classified bluewater (developed with autonomy and structural resistance proportional to transoceanic sailings), fast cruisers (high performance cruising sailboats) and explorer-yachts (yachts for sailing in high latitudes, and regions of the globe with the most challenging sea and wind conditions), MCP yachts focuses on the manufacture of Transoceanic yachts in aluminium.

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, MCP Yachts has 38 years of strong tradition in naval architecture and construction.

Damien Chaves, Shipyard Director and Head of Engineering and Projects at MCP said “The versatility of this boat is amazing! I consider it the ideal cruising sailboat for all experiences, including sailing on the Brazilian coast”.


“This is because the high standard of finish, and the design attributes that make this boat more comfortable for sailing at high latitudes, also guarantee it much more comfort and versatility in hot and tropical regions.”

An example of this is the protection of the captain and crew from exposure to rain, wind and intense sun, ensuring visibility and control of navigation on and off the vessel.

The innovative configuration of the lounge erected with a pilot house and rigid hardtop, guarantee protection and comfort free from the dependence and maintenance of the fragile and expensive external roofs.

“The Global EXP 68 boasts characteristics of high performance, lighter, more stable and with a propulsion that has evolved superior to the European cruising sailboats and series, with similar size and made of fiberglass,” said Damien.

Another example, a pivoting keel, allows access to all coves and marinas in the country. It was also designed with an intelligent hydraulic damping system for an any collision, which guarantees enhanced for coastal navigation.

More details will be released following sea trials and delivery to her new owners in April.



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