RIBS in demand in WA

NZ brand Rayglass Protector RIBS are enjoying increased sales into Western Australia.

Photography by Rayglass

28 November 2016


The New Zealand designed and built Rayglass Protector range is now proving increasingly popular in Western Australia.

Rayglass’s Perth Dealer, Alf Barbagollo, has just taken delivery of a new large shipment of the world-renowned RIBs, all of which had been pre-sold. These latest additions to the Western Australia pleasure boat fleet include versatile 9 and 11.5 metre centre consoles and 12.5 luxury Cabin SLs.

“Our customers really like the workmanship and quality of these Kiwi-made Rayglass Protectors,” says Barbagollo. “Our discerning clients especially love the way the Protectors cope with our often-rugged waters, giving a soft, comfortable ride, regardless of the conditions. With their latest generation Verado outboards they are also perfect for fast, safe passages out to Rottnest Island and other outer island holiday destinations.”

The Protectors’ success in Western Australia follows that on the country’s east coast, especially in Queensland where they are often used for fast cruising out to the Great Barrier Reef and for offshore fishing.

“The Protectors’ ability to travel a fair way offshore quickly, safely and with a high degree of comfort has been a strong selling point for us all over Australia,” says Rayglass CEO Dave Larsen. “So has their incredible versatility, the high quality of build, their good looks and a top class finish, both inside and out.”


Manufactured in Auckland at the state-of-the-art Rayglass facility in Mt Wellington, Protectors are internationally renowned as the world’s best RIBs.

They have found favour in most parts of the globe, especially in Europe, the United States, Scandinavia, Russia, Asia and throughout the Pacific.

The Protectors high build quality and ability to travel quickly, safely and comfortably in virtually any conditions has also seen them successfully employed around the world: as patrol and rescue boats, as support vessels for international yacht racing teams, as fast pleasure cruisers and sports fishing boats, and as superyacht tenders.


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