Spring re-opening

The Mandarin Oriental reopens in Costa Navarino, Greece.

23 March 2024


The herald of spring brings with it the reawakening of the Mandarin Oriental in Costa Navarino, marking a notable chapter in Greece’s hospitality narrative as the doors of this first-of-its-kind resort swing open 1 April.

Perched along the pristine edges of Navarino Bay, this sanctuary offers more than a mere escape; it stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of luxury and nature, designed for the discerning traveller who covets tranquillity yet thrives on staying vigorously engaged.

This season, the resort introduces two exceptional abodes – the Royal Villa and a three-bedroom Villa, conceived by the minds of MKV Design and Alexander Waterworth, respectively.

These villas emerge as beacons of privacy and luxury, offering panoramic views that promise serenity and seclusion. The Royal Villa, in particular, sets a new standard in opulence with its comprehensive amenities, including private spa treatments and fitness facilities, all crowned with a private pool overlooking the bay’s undisturbed vistas.


An enhanced Spa & Wellness experience awaits guests, crafted to elevate tranquillity and rejuvenation to new heights. The facility, boasting an array of treatment rooms and holistic therapies, alongside a versatile indoor-outdoor pool, aligns with the Mandarin Oriental’s ethos of providing sanctuaries for the soul. The essence of Costa Navarino is distilled into signature treatments, offering a sensory journey unique to its locale.

The call to action and adventure is answered with a diverse portfolio of activities – from the aquatic allure of paddleboarding and water-skiing at the Beach Club to the cultural immersion of olive oil tastings and historic explorations, Costa Navarino entices with its multifaceted charm.

Golf aficionados will find themselves drawn to the Bay Course, a golfer’s haven, complemented by three additional signature courses, each framing the stunning coastal scenery.

Culinary explorations at the resort take a personal turn with The Private Kitchen, a new venue designed for bespoke dining experiences or culinary masterclasses.

This intimate setting offers a canvas for gastronomic creativity, whether through curated menus of international cuisine or hands-on cooking lessons. From the refined Greek offerings of Oliviera Restaurant to the artisanal journey through pizza with Daniele Cason at Pizza Sapienza, the resort’s dining options are a testament to its commitment to culinary excellence.

In an innovative move, the resort opens the doors to Coral & Friends, a Kids’ Club designed to enchant our younger guests with a plethora of activities. From arcade games to beach bonfires and movie nights, the club ensures that family holidays are filled with joy, exploration, and unforgettable memories against the backdrop of Greece’s captivating landscapes.

The invitation extends to experience the essence of luxury with The Short & Suite package, promising an exquisite stay in the resort’s elegant suites and villas, complemented by daily breakfast – a promise of beginning each day in the embrace of unparalleled beauty and service.

As the Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino heralds its reopening, it does so with the promise of offering an enclave of luxury and adventure, set against the tapestry of Greece’s stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage – a narrative of travel and leisure redefined.



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