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The UK based online platform, Beds on Board, is to be launched in Australia this year.

Photography by Beds on Board

20 June 2017


The UK based peer-to-peer boat accommodation-sharing platform, Bedsonboard.com, is set to launch in Australia in August 2017. The platform launched in the UK in 2015 and now offers accommodation on 1000s of boats across the UK and Europe.

The BBC and Huffington Post described the service as the ‘Air BNB’ for boats. The service is unique, as the boats do not move, making it purely an alternative form of overnight accommodation.

Similar to other services in the share economy, this platform provides the opportunity to monetise the amount of time boats sit idle in their berth. It opens up the opportunity to enjoy staying on luxury boats in marinas to both boaters and non-boaters. Marinas are typically located in attractive and central locations making them a great alternative for holiday, event and business travelers.

For boat owners, it offers the opportunity to earn an income from their boat to help defray some of the costs of boat ownership. Boat owners currently using the platform have outlined that they now get more enjoyment from their boat as it is always kept in top condition ready for their next guest or themselves and at a lower overall cost of ownership. The peer to peer boat owner and guest rating system creates trust and confidence for boat owners and guests alike.

Marinas in the UK have also noticed the benefits of Beds on Board. The guests that come on board spend money at the marina on services like restaurants, bars and hire boats. Marinas supporting the platform are also seeing greater market exposure, particularly through social media.


Industry identities Darren & Nicky Vaux have been appointed Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island representatives for bedsonboard.com and bring together their experience of the marina, boating and luxury accommodation industries to this new venture.

“All the latest industry research points to the need to embrace peer to peer platforms to engage with our customers of the future” says Darren Vaux, “Bedsonboard.com in offering accommodation only on boats in marinas provides the opportunity to open up the luxury boating and marina lifestyle to non-boaters and the millennial generation without the risks associated with navigation. It provides boat owners the opportunity to defray the cost of boat ownership and marinas the opportunity to increase market exposure creating positive outcomes for all involved: says Vaux

Nicky Vaux is no stranger to the accommodation industry. She has a background in five star hotels in Australia and abroad, having developed and operated the award winning Beaches and Mountains Girls Getaways for the past 15 years.

Vaux is also a successful new and second hand boat broker. Vaux’s experience and perspective identified the opportunity for Beds on Board in Australia.

“Staying on a luxury boat is something most people think is outside their budget but bedsonboard.com brings this within reach of everyone. For instance, in the UK you can stay on a 44-foot Sunseeker in a prime location for under $200 per night per person” says Nicky Vaux “We are looking forward to supporting bedsonboard.com in bringing these unique experiences to Australia and introducing thousands of people to the boating and marina lifestyle” she said.


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