Safe Sanctuary

Banyan Tree launches the SafeSanctuary program, which will focus on the wellbeing of customers.

02 June 2020


The Banyan Tree Group, known for pioneering wellbeing for guests and associates, is rolling out an Organisational Wellbeing index to assess and respond to associates’ wellbeing, as well as a regional Tele-therapy service to help support emotional and mental health. Self-care, mindfulness and resilience modules are already available for both associates and guests.

Within the SafeSanctuary programme, additional global standards will focus on deep rest through sleep, activities emphasising the connection to Nature, and culinary offerings emphasising plant-forward menus and ingredient integrity.

Other highlights of the program include rigorous cleaning and distancing protocols focusing on high-traffic public areas as well as high-touch areas in-room with EPA-approved and recommended cleaning agents. There will be limited capacity quotas in enclosed areas and for group activities.

Guest amenities, linens and bedding will be thoroughly steamed and arrive fully protected in-room, ensuring a pristine and comfortable night of sleep.


The company will be going contactless as much as possible with in-room directories and restaurant menus being replaced with digital options for convenient access on personal devices.

Check-in and check-out processes and experiences such as personal health and fitness classes, cooking sessions or wellbeing consultations, may be conducted in-room to enable a vacation prioritising privacy.

Banyan Tree Group’s primary mission is to create sanctuaries to live well, and is dedicating all efforts to ensure a Safe Sanctuary for guests’ return.


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